Article by Elsda Li

“Mottainai!” Culture

“Mottainai!” is a phrase in Japanese that means “What a waste!”. In Japan, being frugal is ingrained into the community and the culture, and in this article we will explore some of the sites that help make Japan the efficient and resourceful place it is.

Article by Simon Happy

Snow monkeys - Japanese rarity

One of the rarities Japan can boast with is “snow monkeys” living in Nagano prefecture. The monkeys are Japanese macaques, a species vernacular to Japanese moun

Article by this is japan

Showa Park - a spot of tranquility in the Tokyo suburbs

Being from Australia, and spending a sizeable amount of time in a smaller country town when I lived there, wide open spaces are my thing. They help me clear my

Article by this is japan

Three mountains you can climb in Japan (other than Fuji!)

When you think of mountains and climbing in Japan, one comes to mind above all others - and that's Mt. Fuji. In saying that, maybe you're coming to Japan and yo

Article by Tokyo Creative

Gunma Food Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user nakashiKonjac Ever heard of Konjac? If not, don’t be intimidated by the plant’s outer features. Simply put, Konjac is a type of yam, an

Article by Nicole Christy

A Quick Guide to the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture

After moving to the Aomori Prefecture a couple months ago, I started taking advantage of the free time I had to see the sights of the more rural and mountainous

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