Article by Asha Mehta

A guide to all of Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites

If you enjoy traditional art, architecture and history, there is truly no better place in Japan to visit than Kyoto. The ancient capital is so well preserved it

Article by Tokyo Creative

First Time in Toyama

Toyama prefecture is particularly great for those that want to experience what nature Japan has to offer. Be it glaciers, mountain trekking routes, or old thatc

Article by Nami Komorebispirit

Pilgrim for a day

In the heart of Yamagata prefecture lies Haguro-san, one of the three sacred mountains forming the Dewa Sanzan (Three mountains of Dewa). Standing at 414m (1,35

Article by Jon Mulligan

Escape the City to the beautiful Seaside Town of Nishi-Izu

A coastal town located in the Shizuoka-Kanto area of Japan, Nishi-Izu is known for fresh seafood and its outstanding natural beauty. It really is a must-visit for any outdoor adventurer or travel-buff.

Article by Joey The Anime Man

Shirakawago Village: A Real Life Horror Anime

This is the creepiest yet most beautiful place I've ever visited..."Horror" in anime is a topic that is not often discussed by many fanatics of the medium, but

Article by Mike B

Japan's Most Fascinating Ruins

Nestled deep in the mountains of Ehime prefecture (in the town of Besshi) is a relic of the Meiji-era Industrial Revolution in Japan

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