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Naruto Whirlpools - an amazing natural phenomenon

I experienced one natural wonder that I hadn't seen anywhere else in the world before on a road trip in Japan, and that is the Naruto Whirlpools.

Article by Stefanie Hähnel

Story of the torii

Let's learn something about the Torii gates! You've probably seen them. You've probably passed through them!

Article by this is japan

3 easy on-the-go snacks you can find at just about every convenience store!

Travel fuel is important - you want to have the energy to explore as much as possible, and what you consume is what gets you through those long days of legging

Article by Nami Komorebispirit

For the love of furoshiki

If you have visited Japan, chances are that you have seen many kimonos and yukatas; people wearing them, especially in cities such as Kyoto, or during a summer

Sight in Oita

Kitsuki Historic District

Located in the North-Eastern region of Oita Prefecture, Kitsuki is famed for its traditional buildings and quaint streets which have been largely untouched by modern urban development and still very much resembles an Edo period samurai town.

Article by Steven Chua

Uji: Not just a famous name on your green tea

It's common to associate Uji City with just green tea when one brings up it's name. Being one of the earliest site for tea cultivation in Japan, you could also

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