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6 awesome raw egg dishes in Japanese cuisine

The average Japanese person eats around 19.1 Kg of eggs per year, according to the Earth policy institute, placing it in the  top 2 worldwide! The thought of ea

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Ishikawa Food Guide

Ishikawa is primarily known for its seafood, but also boasts great vegetables and even a nice culture surrounding green tea. Sake, soy sauce, and miso are also

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Tōfuku-ji Temple

Kyoto is one of Japan's most beautiful cities. It's a fact !Kaisando HallIt's also a peaceful town, despite its million and a half residents.It is vast and the

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Five 60s Kansai Folk Songs That Changed Japan

You may know Kyoto for its golden pavilion, its temple balconies overlooking verdant glades of Momiji maple, rock gardens that look like oceans. But do you know its central role in the history of Japan’s folk music culture?



Shimane lies near the western tip of Japan's main island on the Sea of Japan side. Although sparsely populated it was once a center of trade with China, so it boasts a good number of important historic sites, including Matsue Castle.

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A guide to all of Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage sites

If you enjoy traditional art, architecture and history, there is truly no better place in Japan to visit than Kyoto. The ancient capital is so well preserved it

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