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What to expect from a shinkansen ride

Train transport in Japan is known for being efficient, on time, clean - and in the case of shinkansens, super speedy. Here are a few quick observations I made f

Article by Sherilyn Siy

5 Quintessentially Japanese Autumn Foods You Must Try

If there's one season exclusive to foodies, it would be autumn. Considered by Japanese as the appetite-stimulating season, the cooler weather somehow inspires p

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Hands on Japan: Making Echizen Washi

When travelling around, or entertaining visitors to Japan I always think it is a good idea to have some hands on experiences, some 'doing' to balance all the 's

Article by Asha Mehta

Kyoto's best 5 autumn colour spots

Japan's Sakura trees may make Spring the most popular travelling period in Japan, but the gorgeous maple and Gingko leaves of October and November leave Autumn



As the second largest city in Japan, Osaka is often compared to the capital city Tokyo—both popular travelling destinations in Japan. But some would venture to

Article by this is japan

5 Halloween Costume Trends - with Japanese origins!

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Japan each year - and one of the most fun elements of Halloween celebrations are of course the costumes you get t

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