Article by Daniel L. Jenwei

Our Top 5 Instagrammable Sights in Oita Japan

Check out our selection of some popular, and some less well-known sights in Japan's hot spring capital prefecture that make for some great photos!

Sight in Gifu

Higashiyama Walking Course

Higashiyama Walking Course is a lovely route that takes you from the Higashiyama Temple area to Shiroyama Park.

Sight in Ehime

Mount Kiro Observatory Park

Open all year round, this observation point allows for a 360-degree vista of the Seto Inland Sea and is famous for the spectacular sunset views it provides of t

Sight in Yamagata

Dewa Sanzan Jinja Shrine

This shrine's title is a generic term for three famous mountains in Iwate: Mount Gassan, Haguro, and Yudono. Dewa Sanzan's main shrine is on the summit of Mount

Sight in Oita

Futago-ji Temple

Located on the slopes of Mount Futago (721m) in Oita Prefecture's Kunisaki Peninsula, Futago-ji was established in 718 by Ninmon and became the central temple of Rokugō-Manzan.

Article by Smelliott

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