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Gifu Food Guide

Though Gifu doesn’t have a specific nationally-recognized food staple like many of its neighbors, it does have a rich history in traditional foods eaten by the

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Snow Huts and Wonderland

Winter is the best time of the year!It is when path sparkles and crunches like sugar underfoot. The only season that makes you feel like Alice because anywhere,

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Spot Maiko and Geisha at Setsubun in Kyoto

Who are Geisha and Maiko? Geisha: The word divides to Gei: Art and Sha: person, literally meaning the person of arts. Geisha are the women who have mastered the

Sight in Toyama

Gokayama Historical Village

In December 1995, this village was registered as an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Visitors can see thatched-roof (gassho-zukuri-style) houses here, examp

Article by Lacey Gerdes

The Gifu You Never Knew Existed

Tucked inside of Japan, hiding beautiful gardens, and gorgeous flowing rivers is Gifu prefecture. Due to it's proximity to Aichi prefecture, Gifu is often over

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First Time in Aichi

Aichi is great for first timers in that, while there are many traditionally Japanese experiences to be had like eating Miso-based food and visiting old shrines,

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