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Article by Lynnie Lim

Go Super Saiyan over cakes and coffee! Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner in Osaka

To say that Dragon Ball has a 'cult following' is probably to do it an injustice. For more than thirty years now Goku and friends have captured the imaginations

Article by Sherilyn Siy

Spa by the Lake: Miyazawako Onsen

There is an easy, rejuvenating getaway from the city just a little over an an hour away from Ikebukuro. It is difficult to believe that Lake Miyazawa is an arti

Article by Jennifer Weiss

4 Fun & Unusual Winter Activities

Winter wonderland Japan! Who would have guessed that besides temples and sushi, this country also boasts an active winter scene with mountains of snow? The Nor

Article by Mike B

Top-Food at Low Prices: Your Guide to Japan's Cheap Michelin Star Restaurants

I have spent more than half my life in Japan now, and one thing I have always appreciated is the attention to detail that comes with food here.  No, here, food

Article by Johanna Forsberg

Surviving Winters in Japan– The Drugstore Way

Keep your skin moisture in this Winter.

Article by Julia Lai

Eat with Goku at Cafe & Diner

The Popular Dragon Ball series is back in a yummy and also fashionable form.Sorry this time you won't be seeing Goku is his Saiyan forms but you can enjoy a nic

Article by Tokyo Creative

Toyama Food Guide

MasuzushiMasuzushi is a type of boxed meal, that is frequently sold at train stations for long rides. It is a pressed sushi, served with salted and vinegared tr

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Article by Megan and Ash Alonzo-Wood

Swallowtail Butler Cafe

One of the etched mirrors that greets you as you wait to enter the establishment.Transversing Tokyo is both amazing and exhausting. As the city that is always m

Article by Donna Rhae

Snack Attack: Cheap Japanese Desserts and Street Food

Food is probably one of the best things about any country you visit. Food gives you the opportunity to actually taste another culture and it's something you can

Article by Tokyo Creative

Why the Newest MUJI Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 1

Sharing with you part one of our in depth feature of MUJI Ginza the flagship store taking over central Tokyo!

Article by Cameron Hilker

Japanese Service Astounds Again as Passionate Post Office Personnel Personally Procures and Provides Pertinent Paperwork

I’m an American living in the inaka (countryside) of Japan. Life in Japan is full of surprises and unexpected kindnesses. Hearkening back to my first few months

Article by Donna Rhae

Birthdays: Customs and Important Dates

Birthdays are the one day of the year where everything is about you! Gifts, cake and parties are all customary in the United States and Canada no matter what ag

Article by this is japan

A glimpse of Japan's festivals - all in the one spot!

There are many brilliant reasons to pay Japan a visit - the amazing festival culture here being one of them. What do you do though if a particular festival you

Article by Dr Nozman & Lilly

Tashirojima: The island where cats are kings

Walking among cats...Cats #1We stayed in Sendai for couples of days, and we planned a 1 day trip to a Japanese cat island (Tashirojima).How we got there :Sendai

Article by Midori Nishida

Travel Back in Time at Kawagoe

Saitama Prefecture, which is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, often gets a bad rep for being a "bed town" with not much to offer besides a place to live comforta

Article by Nibai にばい

3 Large Anime Conventions in Japan

Animes and mangas represent a pretty great part of the Japanese culture, so everyone reading this should know what these things are. If you don't, I'll explain

Recent Articles

Article by Kyle Bondoc

How to make Bento Boxes like a Japanese Supermarket

In Japanese convenience stores, you often see a lot of affordable prepackaged meals in a box-like format. If you’re in the mood to recreate this in the comfort of your own kitchen, here are some tips and suggestions to get you started

Article by Geraldine Mills

12 Crucial Things You Should Never Do When You Travel to Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in Asia and it’s for a plethora of reasons — number one of which is being home to probably the most delicious food on the planet. Here are 12 crucial things that you should never do when visiting the land of the rising sun.

Article by LaShawn Toyoda

How to Tell Your Japanese Company You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy shouldn’t be something scary, but sometimes it is. Many women worry about telling their company that they’re expecting, because they fear that they’ll receive a negative reaction. I certainly felt that way when I found out I was pregnant shortly after accepting a new job.

Article by Elise Meng

2019 Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Japan

2020 is your year to finally get yourself to Japan... and this is how you do it.

Article by Elise Meng

The Koji Kraze you need to get on board with

One major health trend coming out of Japan that we can get on board with is mold– specifically, we’re loving a rice mold called Koji. Already a favorite ingredient to some of the world’s leading chefs like David Chang, René Redzepi, and Jonathon Sawyer, Koji is the old-but-new ingredient to spice up your cooking processes.

Article by Elise Meng

Kick off your OIta Experience!

With the countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2020 inching nearer and nearer, the small city of Oita is secretly packing some heat among its narrow streets. Now, at Tokyo Creative, we already have a wide range of favorite places in Oita already (see here or here), but since this was our first time doing a mini-team trip, we’re excited to add more to our list of favorite places to recommend.

Article by Jon Mulligan

Escape the City to the beautiful Seaside Town of Nishi-Izu

A coastal town located in the Shizuoka-Kanto area of Japan, Nishi-Izu is known for fresh seafood and its outstanding natural beauty. It really is a must-visit for any outdoor adventurer or travel-buff.

Article by Ian Rudd

10 Things to do in Oita City

A true hidden gem of a city located on Japan's southern Kyushu Island, let us show you some of our favorite things it has to offer!

Article by Elsda Li

Broadway In Japan!

Since coming to Japan, I have seen so many adverts and commercials of wonderful broadway performances that seem too good to be true. You can find musicals such as Disney’s classic Aladdin to American Broadway inspired Japanese musicals. Those who come here should definitely add a Broadway show unto their itineraries! Let’s explore some titles that are playing right now!




Iwate is the prefecture with the largest landmass in Japan. It is on the Pacific coast in the northern Tohoku region. The capital city Morioka is famous for its



Kumamoto is in the center of Kyushu Island, and Mount Aso is the beloved heart of this beautiful prefecture. Aso-Kuju, Unzen-Amakusa National Parks, Mount Yabah



Yamanashi, about 1½ hours from Tokyo, is surrounded by high mountains and is covered by huge beautiful forests, including Mount Fuji and the 5 lakes area. Visit



Famous for its gorgeous mountains and luxurious onsens (hot springs) Gunma is a nature lover's delight. Maebashi City, home to many parks and flower gardens, is



There’s a reason why over 10 million people visit Okinawa every year – Japan's southernmost island is a natural wonder, with pristine beaches, friendly people a



Fukui is a small prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. When you explore this beautiful area you can see gorgeous rocky coastlines and beaches, taste fres



Miyazaki prefecture is on the southeastern side of Kyushu and is known for its majestic mountains and rugged coastal scenery. Surfing has grown in popularity he



Oita is sometimes called the “Nara of the West”. It is located in the northeast of Kyushu and is best known for the city of Beppu which has more onsen (hot spri



Saitama is often overshadowed by its more popular southern neighbor Tokyo, but for those who care to look closer, Saitama abounds with amazing experiences. Take