JET Programme Career Fair X Odigo Team

Having recently joined the British Chamber of Commerce (BCCJ), Odigo was invited to participate in the JET Career Fair (Japan Exchange Teaching Programme) in early February. We had never been invited to join something like this before and we didn’t know what to expect. Maybe that was just as well…
The JET Program is an initiative sponsored by the Japanese government to promote internationalization at the grassroots level by bringing young, college-educated individuals to work in communities throughout Japan.The official website of the JET Program
As soon as the doors opened the JETs swooshed in and landed at our booth, one after the other, after the other. We didn’t stop working while we were there. The energy was brilliant and we were buzzing!
Career Fairs are a Great Place to Make New Connections by Pressmaster
The event itself is very well organised. The JETs have two days to meet with potential employers and also they get a chance to see some inspirational talks. The majority of the  JETs are also aiming to finish up with their work on the programme so their schedules are pretty busy and full on. We’re really grateful to everyone who came by to see us. Events like this are amazing and really take your motivation levels up a notch or two.
Even though our mouths were dry from speaking -- but thanks Lauren for being smart and thinking of getting in some refreshments beforehand! -- and with only the occasional pause between sentences, we managed to relay a lot of information about Odigo to everyone who came to see us. We really felt that joining the event was a huge success. There wasn’t one person that we spoke to who couldn’t help to contribute in some way to our site, join our community and participate in our mission at Odigo to help open up more hidden parts of Japan to the world.
Japan, a Land of Opportunity by Zarya Maxim Alexandrovich
One of the exciting things about meeting the JETs was that out of everyone who came to see us, only two people were living in Tokyo. This was perfect for us, as we try and venture out to seek more contributions from places like Shikoku, Hiroshima, Hokkaido and Kyushu to really try and open up Japan for travellers and to help communities in these areas promote what they do and what they love to visitors.
We had some amazing feedback. People were really behind our site, our plans and what we ultimately aim to achieve, which is to bring confidence and knowledge to people visiting Japan outside of the main cities and tourist hotspots.
JETs Make Great Contributors by danm12 
We were completely taken aback by all the positivity but upon reflection, I can easily see why people were so excited -- because we’re so excited too. We believe 100% in this project, and we really feel that the people we met on the day will all be crucial to building our community.
A big thank you to the British Chamber of Commerce for the invitation and for the officials at the JET programme for being so patient as we gathered information and sent in all the forms for participation. We are hoping to participate in more BCCJ and JET events in the future.