Odigo News: EXPOCITY Ferris Wheel Project in Osaka

Often we are asked about how Odigo came to be... well, you may already know that we were founded byRedhorse Corporation, and RedHorse Traveller.
Recently we were privy to some really exciting news from one of our founders who is also the Director and CEO of Redhorse Corporation, Takamasa Kawasaki, and we're delighted to be able to share this news!
EXPOCITY Ferris Wheel & Retail Project -- Artist's rendition
At this very moment, Japan's largest ferris wheel is under construction in The Expo Commemoration Park in Osaka. There will also be retail shops built under the ferris wheel in this area which will be known as EXPOCITY, and RedHorse Corporation have decided to invest in this project which will aim to attract visitors from all over the world, developing itself into an icon of the city with an estimated annual visitor number of 27 million.
 New Ferris Wheel, Under Construction at Expocity -- Photo from Flickr cc by GORIMON
Odigo will be very involved with the ferris wheel and retail shop project.  We are creating a kiosk to help inbound visitors  traveling around Japan and to inspire them with interesting things to see and do around the area, after all, this is at the heart of what we do.
The kiosk project will showcase our platform and ultimately assist visitors to plan their trips, create itineraries from our unique curated content created by artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and locals, each sharing special insights to help you travel around the length and breadth of the country, and then share your stories with friends and family back home, or with the world.  
At the moment we have many ideas floating around, what shape and form will the kiosk take? We'll be updating you as we go on this journey so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram for live updates.
We are focused on not only creating an online platform for our users but also on the offline element, something tactile that the visitor can see and touch. By having our kiosk in this prominent location, we want to introduce different tourist spots to you, the visitor, to help plan your travels, particularly within the Kansai region.
EXPOCITY will be composed of seven interactive facilities including NIFREL and LaLaport, the latter of which will be in charge of the commercial units, there will also be other interactive facilities. (more details coming soon) EXPOCITY will be a place for all generations, a place where you can have a fun day out-  great for families, couples, locals, travellers, the aim is for everyone to have a great time!
The project is scheduled to be completed by November of 2015 and is already starting to receive coverage on news sites in Japan, you can read more in this Asahi Shimbun article in Japanese here.

You can explore Osaka and EXPOCITY with Odigo