10 Great Things To Do at Tokyo Skytree


The tallest building in Japan, Tokyo Skytree ranks as one of the most visited tourist spots in Tokyo. Measuring 634 meters in height, Skytree offers a breathtaking, undisrupted panoramic view of the city. Go see the view for sure, but you can do so much more at Skytree. 

Get your tickets!

Lines tend to be quite long, especially on weekends and public holidays, so make sure to plan ahead of time. Going late in the afternoon on a Saturday, we later discovered, was a mistake, but, thankfully, a fixable one. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Counter on the 4th floor. Usually, visitors are given a time slot, and only then are they allowed to queue at the Ticket Counter and collect their tickets. To avoid what could potentially be an hour long waiting time, visitors can choose to purchase the Fast Skytree Ticket (sold at the Fast Skytree Ticket Counter also located on the 4th floor). Skipping the line for Same-Day Tickets, this fast pass grants quick access to the entrance for a small extra charge. While Same-Day Tickets for 18-year-olds only cost 2,060 yen, Fast Skytree Tickets are sold for 2,820 yen. Alternatively, visitors can also make reservations on Skytree's official website. Both the Same-Day Ticket and the Fast Skytree Ticket grant access to the Tembo Deck (350th floor). Tickets for the Tembo Galleria on the 450th floor are only available at the Tembo Deck.

Make the most out of your Tokyo Skytree experience by following our list of 10 things to do aside from the usual city viewing:

1. Take a stroll down Sumida River

Walking along the Sumida River is a great way to explore the area, offering a great view of famous landmarks around the district, which you can see in the distance, including Tokyo Skytree
The riverside makes for a great picture-taking/selfie spot! Many people come to Sumida River for the Sakura Illumination (held during the last week of March and the first week of April) and for the Sumida River Fireworks Festival (in late July). Visitors can also go on a cruise down the river, surely creating moments to remember!

2. Enjoy the city view over coffee and snacks at Skytree Cafe

This cafe deserves five stars for the view alone. Located on the 340th and 350th floor, Skytree Cafe offers coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices, sweets and small snacks. Prices are a little higher compared to your usual cafes (with prices for drinks starting from 450 yen), but the view and experience make the purchase worth the splurge.

3. Shop for souvenirs at the Skytree Shop

The Skytree Shop is a one-stop, fuss-free shop for souvenirs, and will surely relieve all your omiyage (souvenir) shopping woes. The shop has something for everyone, whether it be Skytree-inspired stationery, sweets or even alcoholic beverages in unique bottles. 

4. Shop some more at Solamachi Town

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as “too much shopping.” Satisfy your shopping addiction at  Solamachi Town, where you can buy almost anything and everything from Japanese sweets to traditional goods.
Follow this list and you will surely have many options to discover and explore around Tokyo Skytree, making your visit enjoyable and memorable.

5. Indulge in an enormous bowl of Skytree-inspired

Take your Skytree experience to the next level by dining at Kamimura, a traditional soba noodle shop. Although Kamimura specializes in handmade soba noodles, the shop is a hit among tourists for the Skytree-inspired tempura don (bowl of rice topped with fried food). Costing 1800 yen, this tower of  tempura makes for a very filling meal and can even be shared by two people.

6. Unleash your inner geek or kid at Tree Village

Tree Village is an absolute dreamland for fans of Japanese anime characters. Doraemon, Gudetama, Pokemon -- Tree Village carries some of the most beloved characters decorating all sorts of merchandise, from plush toys to T-shirts. The uniquely Japanese knick-knacks will no doubt be a hit as souvenirs for friends and family back home. 

7. Treat yourself at the Musashi Sky Restaurant

Turn your average touristy Skytree trip into something more special by dining at the Musashi Sky Restaurant on the 345th floor. Though we have not yet eaten there, from the looks of it, the restaurant seems like the place go to impress guests or celebrate special occasions. With stunning reviews online, the food promises to match up to the spectacular view. 

8. Discover marine life at the Sumida Aquarium

If you've got time to kill or don't know what to do on a rainy day, why not check out Sumida Aquarium, another popular tourist attraction at Tokyo Skytree. Suitable for everyone, from families to couples, the aquarium has impressive displays and collection of marine life, including penguins and seals, two of Sumida Aquarium's most popular attractions!

9. Check out the “Lazy Egg” Cafe

Japan surprises (and confuses) us once again with this odd but adorable cafe inspired by the popular Japanese character Gudetama, the lazy egg. At the Gudetama Cafe, you can buy Gudetama-themed takoyaki (octopus balls), soda floats, soft serve ice cream and other types of snacks.

10. End the night with drinks at the Sky Arena

End the night with cold drinks at the Sky Arena. Here, you can relax and unwind under the night sky after a day of touring, with a close-up view of the Tokyo Skytree lit up in various colors at night.

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Angeline Elopre