See Into The Future at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

By Odigo Contributor Diego Rojas

Since arriving in Japan, I commute on two wheels (that is bicycle wheels) or on the fantastic train system we are fortunate enough to have here in Tokyo. Except for renting a car every once in a while, it is safe to say that cars are not a big part of my current lifestyle. Even so, being a driver back home in Colombia, I do enjoy getting behind the wheel of a car. I have had a few chances to drive around Japan’s scenic routes, and I appreciate the state-of-the-art technology of the modern automobile. Which brings me to the reason of why I’m typing these words, The Tokyo Motorshow 2015.
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The 2015 Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight by Diego Rojas[/caption]
Ranked among the best in the world alongside Frankfurt, Geneva, and Paris’ auto shows, Tokyo’s own is held every two years at Tokyo Big Sight.
Understandably renowned for being the show where time after time major automakers present their ideas of the future to the world, this is the place where they unveil radical concept cars and showcase the latest models of their production vehicles. Fortunately for us car fanatics, the show is held in the last week of October and the first week of November. That’s right, it is happening right now as you are reading this post. So if you are traveling in Tokyo  this week you should give it a try!
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Ticket to the Tokyo Motor Show by Christopher Horton[/caption]
I attended it over the weekend and I can say with confidence, if you are looking for entertainment options, appreciate the beauty of a great car, and are curious about what is in store for urban mobility in the coming years: this is an event you do not want to miss. The show will be running from now until November 8th.
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Behind the Wheel at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 by Deigo Rojas[/caption]
Split into three exhibition areas, the Tokyo Motor Show hosts the biggest and most famous automakers in the world. You will see Toyota, Honda, BWM, Mercedes, Land Rover, and Fiat, to name a few. They have all come to present their 2016 models and to offer us a chance to see their jaw-dropping concept cars of the future. This year, Mazda stole the spotlight with the RX-Vision, which could be Batman’s choice of vehicle if he wore emerald red.
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Mazda RX-Vision at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 by Diego Rojas[/caption]
Toyota is maintaining its focus on clean technologies, bringing out the FCV Plus, powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Mercedes-Benz is planning to take elegance to a new level with the F015 Luxury in Motion. On more realistic levels, you can check out the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, start thinking about the summer with the new Mini Convertible 2016, or see Daihatsu’s new take on food trucks with the funky looking Tempo. And if you love hybrids as much as I do, there is more than enough to excite you.
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Mobility City by Diego Rojas[/caption]
At "Smart Mobility City," In conjunction with the Motorshow, you can get a first-hand look at the technologies that are coming. You can try out a variety of intelligent driving systems and play with the latest car infotainment technology. Get on a simulator and experience the almost-real feeling of a shooting airbag. Better yet, test-drive the fresh next-generation personal and micro mobility vehicles by Japanese automakers. For families with little ones, there’s also a lot of fun to be had around the whole show. The Tomica Corner has popular miniature toy vehicles, and Disney Motors’ toys are on display throughout the exhibition.
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Cruising on the Ninebot by Diego Rojas[/caption]
The Tokyo Motorshow 2015 has a bit of everything for just about anyone. I had the best time exploring the Smart Mobility display and getting a look at what our lives might be as we move around the crowded cities of tomorrow. I did not get to test ride all the vehicles I had hoped to because even after well over a year of living in Japan, I still underestimate the crowds of locals who attend these events. If you want to try out one of these cool little cars, I highly recommend you arrive early and head for the reservation area. Then check out the rest of the show. I did manage to hop on one of the Ninebots, the Japanese version of the Segway. The ride around the booth got me tempted to buy one of my own. I think I need to go back to see more so I'll see you at the show!
Location information on  TOKYO BIG SIGHT.

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