Introducing the #Odigo47 Project

See All 47 Prefectures in Japan Like Never Before!

Demystifying Japan, unlocking the secrets this beautiful country has to offer, opening all doors…
These are just some of the things we talk about when we talk about Odigo.
Getting Lost in Japan -- photo by Nathan Hosken
From the beginning, Odigo has been about promoting areas of Japan outside of the Tokyo --> Kyoto corridor. A site that non-Japanese speakers could use to give them the chance to explore areas that they would not normally consider due to language difficulties.
So we started to create content. A lot of it. In fact, a ton of content, curated and lovingly edited with as much care as possible to make sure that it was of a high standard, interesting and above all else, useful for visitors. We ask our contributors to write like they are talking to someone they know, revealing a special tidbit of information that they would normally pass on to friends who are visiting.
Speaking of contributors, our community makes us who we are. We work with locals -- artists, writers, photographers, fashionistas, musicians, and travellers to build a site that will help you understand Japan. A site that will give you the confidence to travel around the country and feel the buzz, magic, and mystery that surround us here in our daily lives; things that you might not know about. We want to share with you the uplifting feeling of discovering something new.
Defining the Odigo Style Through Vivid Photography -- photo by Nathan Hosken
Over the last year since our launch our team has grown and our community is growing. We’re always looking to adapt and adjust to better serve our users with the best information. Quality writing is not enough. We want to enhance our stories with beautiful photos. Thanks to our media team we’ve worked hard to build a stock of thousands of excellent images from across Japan (but mainly Tokyo. So if you’re a photographer based in Japan, we’d love to hear from you!).
Now, we’re building up our video content to bring you along with us to every corner of Japan. And that’s where the #Odigo47 project comes in. 
What is it? Well, Japan has 47 Prefectures, and they're not all covered in a consistent, useful and fun way (especially not in English). 
#Odigo47 is the chance to show you Japan through the eyes of the people who live and travel here.

The project kicked off in February 2016. We sent our YouTube Guy out across the country with a team of popular Youtubers like Rachel & Jun, Abroad in Japan, and Kim Dao, to plan their trips around Japan using the Odigo trip planner. Together they will cover, you guessed it, all 47 Prefectures. Every day you can follow along on the adventure with the team.  Binge-watch the daily vlogs and you'll see that every day they visit a different Prefecture. They are discovering things that few people get the chance to see.  We found out that apparently only 5% of the population here have been to every single Prefecture! We think this is something pretty unique to bring to our site.
The daily vlogs are just a part of the project. Beyond this, a whole community of Odigo users are out there taking trips, discovering secret places, hidden spots, various traditions, and lesser known crafts. The project is about introducing these beautiful but unheard of spots and experiences around Japan.
Sake Cups and Pottery -- photo by Nathan Hosken
As far as we know, we’re the only ones out there covering Japan and Japanese culture, in English, on this scale. The project is exciting, unique and above all else, designed to help you, the person who dreams of a trip to Japan, or lives here and is looking for inspiration, something a little bit different.
Search the hashtag now and you will find photos from not only the Youtubers, but also people from the Odigo community out on adventures.
So how can you get involved? Next time you’re out and about across any of the 47 Prefectures in Japan, take a photo, upload it to Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #Odigo47 . Once a month we’ll pick our favourites and send out some wee special treats. Or, with your permission, we would love to feature your photos somewhere on our social accounts. 

Looking forward to having you as a part of the Odigo community and the #Odigo47 project.