Access to Yahiko Village and Surrounding Area

Yahiko is a small town in Niigata Prefecture with over 1000 years of history. Located 2-3 hours away from Tokyo, this historic cultural centre is a compact experience of rural Japan. Because of Japan's world-class Shinkansen (bullet train) system, rural areas are easily accessible. This post will help you navigate the Japanese train system, arrange taxis in Yahiko, and access currency exchange spots.
Travel information to make your trip to Yahiko stress-free.

What can I do in Yahiko?

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Yahiko Jinja Shrine: Power Spot in Japan

Getting To and From Yahiko

Shinkansen Line -- Image by Nathan Hosken
The train is the best method in and out of Yahiko. Trains in Japan are reliable. The trains come on time, prices are fixed, and route searches are accurate.

Here are some quick train tips:

Quick search on Google Maps to Yahiko -- Image courtesy of Google Maps
Trains from Tokyo Station to Yahiko take about 3 hours using the Shinkansen and one local train transfer.
Google Maps is reliable for searching the best routes. 

We also recommend using Hyperdia to plan your trip.
Direct trains are infrequent between Tsubamesanjo Station and Yahiko Station. We have included the direct trains in the Riding the Train to Yahiko section.
The closest Shinkansen stop to Yahiko is at Tsubamesanjo Station. From there, travelers transfer to the local Yahiko Line to the last stop. If you book your ticket at the JR Station ticket counter, suitable transfer stations will be arranged for you.
We highly recommend purchasing advance tickets at a JR Station ticket counter (Midori no Madoguchi). This booking service has no additional charge.
When traveling, feel free to ask station attendants for help. Even if they do not speak English, if you show them your ticket, they will tell you where to go or how to insert your tickets into the gates.

Train Information

You may use your JR Rail Pass for this trip, but make sure to check ordering information, times and availability before travel.

Buying Train Tickets to Yahiko:

Midori no Madoguchi JR Station ticket office -- Photo from Flickr cc lohasteru
1. Make a Hyperdia Search and find a departure time that works for you.
2. Save the Hyperdia Search. You can write down the train route you'd like (train number, departure time, departure point, and destination). Or, take a screen cap on your phone!
3. DO NOT try to purchase your ticket online or at a ticket machine. The process can be complicated, especially for Shinkansen tickets. Instead, go to #4.
4. Purchase your ticket at the JR Station ticket counter (Midori no Madoguchi). This booking service is free. Show the staff the Hyperdia route you have saved.
5. Note the last train bound for Tokyo (weekdays and weekends/holidays) for your return ticket.

As of August 23, 2016
※ The last train from Yahiko Station arriving at Tokyo Station departs Yahiko Station at 20:25 and arrives at Tokyo Station at 23:40.
※ The last train from Tsubamesanjo Station arriving at Tokyo Station departs Tsubamesanjo Station at 21:47 and arrives at Tokyo Station at 23:40.
Please use Hyperdia to check updated train schedules.
Use Hyperdia's English website to search trains to Yahiko on your desired dates -- Image courtesy of Hyperdia
Hyperdia's site comes with many helpful features, such as auto-filling the station names as you type. You can type in Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Station, Ueno, or any other station you'd like to visit.
Hyperdia search results break down cost, travel time, train number, and transit stations -- Image courtesy of Hyperdia
Hyperdia's website comes with useful information, such as links to the train timetables and Google maps for the area.

Riding the Train to Yahiko:

Max Toki Shinkansen that goes to Tsubamesanjo Station -- Image by Athena Lam
1.If you are leaving from Tokyo Station, arrive about 1 hour before your departure time. Tokyo Station is one of Japan's busiest stations, so give yourself plenty of time to find the correct gates.
2. At your departure station, look for the Shinkansen ticket gates. These may be separate from the regular ticket gates. The bullet train to Yahiko is the Joetsu Shinkansen to Niigata. Usually, Shinkansen ticket gates have large green or blue signs that say Shinkansen. If you need help, ask a station attendant and show them your tickets. They will point you in the right direction.
3. Insert TWO tickets into the Shinkansen ticket gate. The first ticket is your ticket from Tokyo to Yahiko. The second ticket is your Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Tsubamesanjo.
Train tickets from Tokyo to Yahiko and seat tickets for Shinkansen from Tokyo to Tsubamesanjo - Photo by Athena Lam
4. Find the correct platform for your train. Train names and numbers are displayed in English. Once you reach the platform, try to find the car you will be sitting in. Train car numbers are often labelled on the ground.
5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Eating is permitted on the train.
6. Get off the train at Tsubamesanjo and insert your two tickets at the gate. You will only get one ticket back. Keep the remaining ticket.
7. Look for the local Yahiko Line train platform and walk down to wait for the train. DO NOT purchase another ticket. Your ticket is already covered.
8. Get on the train to Yahiko. We recommend taking a direct train between Tsubamesanjo and Yahiko (times below). An alternative is to take the train to Yoshida Station and transfer to Yahiko. Your pre-paid ticket covers any of these local trains, so don't worry if you miss your expected transfer.
Yoshida Station is a transfer station between Tsubamesanjo and Yahiko that has additional trains. For travelers going to Yahiko from Tsubamesanjo, trains to Yoshida Station come about once every hour. From Yoshida Station, check for additional trains going to Yahiko.
Route from Tsubamesanjo Shinkansen Station to Yahiko Station via Yoshida Statin Transfer -- Image Courtesy of Google Maps
9. Get off at the last stop, Yahiko Station. Give the station attendant your ticket. Enjoy your trip!
Yahiko Train Station -- Photo by Nathan Hosken

Getting Around Yahiko and the Area

Yahiko Village is walking friendly. Many of the attractions, such as Yahiko Jinja Shrine and the Yahiko Ropeway leading to Mount Yahiko, are within walking distance. The historic town also has many restaurants and cafes.
Other places, such as Teradomari Fish Market or the Tojiro Knife Gallery, need to be accessed by car.

Rental Cars and Taxis

Taxis in Japan -- Photo from Flickr cc by Jean-François Chénier

Car Rental Details

➢ Rental cars: information 

See our information below for specific recommendations for car and taxi services in the area and read more about driving in Japan here.

Hiring a Taxi

Taxi services are available in Yahiko. Check out our guide to help you book taxis.
➢Taxis: information

Mount Yahiko Access: Ropeway and Climbing Car

 The Mount Yahiko ropeway -- Photo by Nathan Hosken
➢ Ropeway

● Adults: ¥1,400 (round trip), ¥750 (one-way)
● Children: ¥700 (round trip), ¥380 (one-way)
● Adults (groups of 15-49): ¥1,260 (round trip), ¥670 (one-way)
● Children (groups of 15-49): ¥630 (round trip), ¥340 (one-way)
● Adults (groups of 50+): ¥1,120 (round trip), ¥600 (one-way)
● Children (groups of 50+): ¥560 (round trip), ¥300 (one-way)

Ropeway Timetable
● April to November: 8:40 – 17:30 (Every 15 minutes, beginning at :00 every hour)
● December to early March: 9:00 – 16:30 (Every 15 minutes, beginning at :00 every hour)

Time required
About 5 minutes one-way (from Sanroku Station to Sancho Station)
Yahiko Panorama Tower -- Photo from Flickr cc by Isao Kikuchi
➢ Panorama Tower (rotating, ascending and descending observation tower)

● Adults: ¥650
● Children: ¥350
● Adults (groups of 15-49): ¥580
● Children (groups of 15-49): ¥310
● Adults (groups of 50+): ¥520
● Children (groups of 50+): ¥280

Time required
About 8 minutes one-way (From Mount Yahiko Sancho Parking Lot to Ropeway boarding platform)

➢ Climbing Car

Mount Yahiko Climbing Car -- Photo by Nathan Hosken

● Adults: ¥380 (round trip), ¥220 (one-way)
● Children: ¥260 (round trip), ¥160 (one-way)

Time required
1 minute one-way (From Mount Yahiko Sancho Parking Lot to Ropeway boarding platform)

Cash Withdrawl

➢Locations for currency exchange and withdrawal: You can use ATM's at these locations that will accept most foreign cards 
 | Seven-Eleven Yahiko Fumoto  | 3099 Fumoto, Yahiko-mura, Nishikanbara District, Niigata Prefecture
 | Seven-Eleven Yahiko Otorii  | 7346−2 Yahagi, Yahiko-mura, Nishikanbara District, Niigata Prefecture
 | Niigata-ken Shinyo Kumiai Yahiko Branch  | 944-1 Yahiko, Yahiko-mura, Nishikanbara District, Niigata Prefecture

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