Snoopy Takes Center Stage in Tokyo

New this Year... The Snoopy Museum & Cafe

Tokyo is going “Peanuts” over the world’s first Snoopy Museum!

Dedicated to the popular cartoon and comic strip Peanuts and its creator Charles M. Schulz, the museum opened earlier this spring under the theme 「愛しのピーナツ」Itoshi no Peanuts, or “My Favorite Peanuts."

Welcome to the Tokyo Snoopy Museum -- Photo by Julie Fader

Inside the Snoopy Museum

 Charles Schulz memorabilia covers the walls -- Photo by Julie Fader
The museum features rare memorabilia as well as original and unpublished works from the late author, chosen by his wife Jean Schulz. The works chosen show her favorite comic strips and themes presented by the Peanuts gang. Some of the works featured are from the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, California.

 The Snoopy Museum has an amazing collection of Charles Schultz's work on display -- Photo by Julie Fader

 So much to see and learn at the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo -- Photo by Julie Fader
The Snoopy Museum is a limited affair -- open for about 2 1/2 years -- until September 25th, 2018. During that time, the museum is scheduled to rotate the collection every 6 months to appeal to a wider range of visitors. So (for residents), you can see something new with each visit! Fans and newcomers will be able to experience the world of Snoopy through the ever-changing exhibitions and see the cute and fun memorabilia.

 Even the entrance ticket at the Snoopy Museum is a special piece of nostalgia -- Photo by Julie Fader
Even the ticket is a piece of memorabilia for visitors! Each ticket comes with a comic print that was published on the same day you buy your ticket. I purchased my ticket on May 27, and it had a published comic strip on the same day in 1976. The comic strip I received featured Snoopy and Charlie Brown having a friendly bicker, illustrating Peanuts’ famous relationship of a boy and his dog. These little extra touches bring back memories for fans. What a blast from the past!

 Snoopy is the star in the entrance area of the museum -- Photo by Julie Fader
Upon entering the museum, visitors are able to watch a fun video that features Schulz’s favorite peanuts from America and Japan, including Banana Yoshimoto (Writer), Atsuko Maeda (Actress), Craig Schulz (Producer), and a few others, and their experiences growing up with the beloved beagle.

 Peanuts displays and Snoopy fur columns at the Tokyo Snoopy Museum -- Photo by Julie Fader

Feeling warm and fuzzy -- Photo by Julie Fader
Walking around the Snoopy Museum, you'll get a great feeling of nostalgia, looking at the many comic strips displayed everywhere. Each strip is dated with its original publishing date. Even the pillars in the museum are a shout-out to Snoopy -- covered in white fur, and soft to the touch.

 Comic strips are everywhere, each carefully dated and curated -- Photo by Julie Fader

Gift Shop and the Blanket Cafe

 Take home some of the Peanuts gang from the museum gift shop -- Photo by Julie Fader

 Good grief! It's Charlie Brown -- Photo by Julie Fader
The museum cafe and gift shop are adorable. Many of the souvenirs here are limited release items that can only be found in the Snoopy Museum and nowhere else in the world. The gift shop named Brown’s Store has a lot of Peanuts goods, some of my favorites were the Root beer, cookies and kawaii (cute) bags.

 Rest and have a tasty treat at the Blanket Cafe, named after Linus' blanket of course! -- Photo by Julie Fader
The cafe, called Blanket Cafe and named after Linus' blanket, of course, has very tasty sandwiches. I got the Peppermint Patty Select, which was a shrimp & avocado sandwich that came in a cute “Snoopy dog-dish” bowl.

 Snoopy is the main feature, though you can see other characters and learn about the comic artist, Charles Schultz -- Photo by Julie Fader
Though the comic strip was popular in Japan, Japanese youth really fell in love with the design of Snoopy during the 1970s and since then, Snoopy can be found everywhere from advertising life insurance, to theme parks and, of course, in toy stores. In the Japanese toy chain store Kiddy Land, one of the most popular sections is the Snoopy section. The museum is called the Snoopy Museum and not the Peanuts Museum for just this reason.

Other Snoopy Sightings

 Dine in style at the Peanuts Cafe in trendy Nakameguro, Tokyo -- Photo by Lauren Shannon
No matter how, when or why people fall in love with the sassy beagle, fans and newcomers can meet him all over Japan. Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, has a Peanuts-themed area with rides and fun picture spots. Back in the Tokyo neighborhood of Nakamenguro, you can dine at a Peanuts cafe/restaurant that is packed with Snoopy-themed dishes and desserts.

 The Snoopy Town Shop in Kiddy Land, Harajuku -- Photo from Flickr cc by clyangtw
Also in Tokyo, the most famous Kiddy Land store in Harajuku features a whole section called Snoopy Town Shop, selling cute goods like folders, key chains and tea. Snoopy Town Shops can be found all across Japan in more than 20 locations! I highly recommend checking out some of these spots. Maybe you’ll go “nuts” for Snoopy too!

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Kay Natsumi