Top 5 Japanese Face Washes You Must Have!

You may have heard of Kanebo’s new rose-shaped 3-D facial cleanser “Beauty Whip Soap”, but do you know about these other top-ranked beauty cleansers? Posted by the popular Japanese cosmetics ranking site, these are the Top 5 Japanese face wash brands from this week!

1. Beauty Soap by Cow Brand (Sappari Version)

This soap bar costs only 85 yen! Photo from
Produced by Cow Brand, this soap bar is reasonably priced at one box for 85 yen. Suitable for use on both body and face, this soap with a jasmine fragrance promises gentle cleansing and moisturizing, using milk properties. Sappari means 'light' or 'simple' and refers to gentle soaps for sensitive skin. This brand is popular for its body soaps that have continuously ranked top 5 on between 2008 and 2011, and then again in 2014 and 2015.

2. White Face Wash Cream by Sekkisui

This cleanser will brighten your skin and clear your pores -- Photo from
With a light, creamy foam finish, this face wash promises to brighten dull skin and cleanse deep into the pores. Using barley leaf extract, it clears and lightens the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Produced by the well-known maker Kose, White Face Wash Cream is presented by the famous brand Sekkisui, which literally translate's to “Your best Snow-white Skin”. What a steal at 460 yen!

3. Moist Wash Gel by Manara

This high-quality cleanser only uses the best ingredients -- Photo from
This paraben and alcohol-free face wash includes “beauty ingredients” like hyaluronic acid, olive oil and squalene for a deep cleanse in addition to moisturizing the skin. Though a bit on the pricey side at 3,200 yen, the brand Manara is known for its selective use of ingredients and high quality. If you're looking for a high-end face wash, this is it!

4. Clear Wash by Oris

This gentle face wash can be found in drugstores all around Japan -- Photo from
Produced by maker Orbis, this face wash foam is allergy-tested and free of paraben, alcohol and artificial coloring. With an amino-acid base, Clear Wash is soft on the skin. For only 1,300 yen, you can find this product in drugstores all around Japan.

5. Skincare Face Wash Moisture by Biore

Bioré is one of the most popular brands in Japan -- Photo from
Constantly being ranked within the top 5, the Bioré brand boasts high quality and deep pore cleansing while being gentle for sensitive skin. Bioré is a popular brand among a wide age range of customers for its reasonable prices and high quality.

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Kay Natsumi