Art You Can Smell?! TeamLab Surprises Us Again!

Scents + Digital Art?

TeamLab’s newest creation will teleport you right into a flower field of the Provence — Photo courtesy of teamLab
Who knew digital art had a place with creams and lotions? Starting from September 16, beauty brand L’Occitane will introduce their collaboration project with teamLab. Featuring digital art paired with L’Occitane products, the famous art group will produce a beautiful, colorful, active display. The title of the project is Digital Provence Powered by teamLab. Its aim is to transport the visitor to Provence, France to experience the beauty and scents of the area. The theme stems from the store’s roots. Founder Olivier Baussan wanted to create a company that celebrates and preserves the traditions of his native Provence.

A Group of Digital Artists Charms The World
For those who don’t know, teamLab is a group of digital artists who work together to create beautiful, oftentimes interactive, exhibitions all over the world. You may recognize them from their popular exhibit DMM.Planets Art by teamLab. The crystal universe became a huge topic on social media. Their current exhibit in Paris “Forest of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke” is another beautiful art display.

Interactive Installations

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the Flower Table -- Photo courtesy of teamLab
With the project, the Shinjuku L’Occitane store will get three new additional features: Fragrance Tool, Provence Theater and Flower Table. The installations will be interactive and allow visitors to not only see the products but experience the beauty of France. 

Limited Edition Treats

In addition to the usual treats, the L’Occitane cafe will offer some limited edition items -- Photo from Flickr cc by jonathansin
The Shinjuku store doubles as a fancy cafe. For the first month of this project, the shop will feature limited edition items on its menu! One of those items will be organic juice. All you have to do is go to the store and use the hashtag #デジタルプロヴァンス (Digital Provence). The second addition will be a special crème brûlée ice cream for people who try the "Provence Theater", a moving display. 

Don't Miss It

Don't forget to take an awesome selfie with the Fragrance Tool -- Photo courtesy of teamLab
It will be the first time ever that L’Occitane incorporates digital art and interactive displays in their store. So far, teamLab has done an amazing job in creating some of the most beautiful exhibitions and projects I have ever seen in my life, so I'll definitely be there! 
Opening Day: September 16, 2016 (Fri)
Address: L'Occitane Shinjuku Store Voyage-en-Provence, 3-17-5 Shinjuku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: Shop 11:00-21:00, Cafe 10:00 to 23:00 (last order 22:00)
Admission: Free

Love art? This is the trip for you!

Kay Natsumi