Trending in Japan: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen!

Almost overnight a short clip of a Japanese man rapping a few simple words in English has become a viral sensation. After seeing many social media pages, celebrities, and even news outlets share the viral video, we wanted to find out exactly who this man was.
 This Kosaka Kazuhito, the man behind Pineapple Apple Pen ー Photo by Ameblo

The viral star is actually a warai-geinin, comedian, in Japan. Though his stage name is Piko-Taro or Kosaka Daimaou, as most people may know him. His real name is (古坂和仁)Kazuhito Kosaka. The comedian is 43 years old and comes from Aomori prefecture, which is known for their famous, delicious apples! Though he, unfortunately, does not sport gaudy yellow in real life, he does seem like a pretty fun guy to chill with. He currently belongs to one of the biggest record labels in Japan, Avex Management.
Before PPAP

 The real person behind Piko-Taro, Kosaka Kazuhito —photo from Ameblo
So what was this now world famous comedian up to before the video? He's actually a regular for many TV shows and radio stations in Japan. On his Wikipedia page, he is referred to as a talent, DJ, and comedian. Kosaka has also dabbled in other Entertainment related activities. Producing music, and appearing in theater shows, games, and commercials are just some of these activities.
Many Japanese media outlets are calling this viral hit an "incredibly mysterious song". With its' simplicity and sudden popularity all over the world, it is quite mysterious indeed. Many Japanese and overseas users are taking part in this new video with their own versions. With R&B versions, to acapella versions, to just generally adorable versions. If you were to make your own version of the song what would it be like?
Needless to say, the cute song with a catchy beat has taken over the internet. The Odigo office as well, with everyone talking about it. Though we are of course hard at work, who can resist taking a short break to the tune of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen?

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