Fall Photo Favs: Gorgeous Gorges You Need to See!

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Japan. The island nation is covered in koyo, or colorful fall foliage. And, with moderate temperatures and clear blue skies, you can explore the land of the rising sun without feeling the heat.
The Odigo47 crew take a boat ride through Geibikei Gorge
Japanese autumn foliage is a must for wanderlust-invoking Instagram shots. In a previous post, we took you around the country to see breathtaking autumn hues. Now, inspired by a recent trip to Geibikei Gorge by Odigo47 members Chris Broad and Rachel and Jun, we check out the most photo-worthy gorges Japan has to offer.
Geibikei Gorge
So beautiful, looks almost artificial — Photo by Jacob Ehnmark
Located in Iwate Prefecture, Geibikei Gorge is natural beauty of the Tohoku region. The name ‘Geibi’ means ‘lion’s nose’ and refers to the limestone near the end of the gorge, which looks like a lion’s nose. Take a ride down the river and snap some shots of the fall colors while the oarsman sings Geibi Owake, a local folk song.
Takachiho Gorge
The beautiful Takachiho gorge — Photo by plus45
Takachiho Gorge is a narrow pass cut out by the Gokase River in Miyazaki Prefecture. The gorge has a 17-meter waterfall, Minainotaki. Pull out your Nikon here for some shots of the deep blue waterfall framed in yellow. Shoot from up high from a hiking trail or down below from a boat you can rent.
Kurobe Gorge
An Instagram-worthy shot at the Kurobe Gorge — Photo by Jiashiang
This Toyama Prefecture spot is one of the deepest gorges in Japan. The area has lush forests, steep cliffs and hot springs. During autumn, visitors can take the Kurobe Gorge Railway to shoot the warm hues by the gorge.
Naruko Gorge
The famous view on Ofukuzawa Bridge—Photo by かがみ~
Another Tohoku treasure, Naruko Gorge is located in Miyagi Prefecture by the Naruko Onsen hot spring town. The gorge is most crowded in fall, when visitors hike the trails around the ravine. The Naruko Gorge Walking Trail offers dramatic shots of orange topped cliffs, while the Ofukuzawa Walking Trail provides less crowded and more serene photo opportunities.
Yabakei Gorge
Traditional Japanese houses line the gorge — Photo by chloe Q
Yabakei Gorge in Oita Prefecture has been around for over 2.5 million years. Formed by lava, the cliffs and rock formations get an amber halo come autumn time. Crowds can take in the grandeur while enjoying the hiking and cycling trails or by staying at a nearby onsen.

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