Top 5 Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Shibuya

Most people know Shibuya for its busy crossing, which has been featured in many Hollywood movies. Located in the heart of Tokyo, the neighborhood is a great place to go shopping, eat delicious food and do all sorts of girly things, including getting your nails done. If you want to be fashionable in Japan, having beautifully styled nails is a must. No matter what your taste, nail designs range from simple one-color nails to bold patterns to 3D art nails with sparkling gemstones and more on top. Japan has some of the best nail art in the world and endless salons for you to pick from. Many of those salons are located in Shibuya. The ever lovely Kim Dao recently visited the area to spend the day and test out a place called TRU Nail. Find out more about this excellent nail salon as well as four other salons we recommend you to visit. These are our top 5 foreigner-friendly nail salons in Shibuya:

1. TRU Nail

TRU Nail's trendy salon in Shibuya -- Photo from
This extremely popular nail salon has branches all over Japan, including Okinawa, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Osaka and two neighborhoods in Tokyo, one of which is Shibuya. Aiming at giving each customer a nail design that fits their particular lifestyle, TRU Nail  will give you a personal consultation considering the length, shape and condition of your nails. Their menu includes various gel and sculpture courses. 
Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm
Prices: ¥1,800~¥19,990

2. Nail Salon Pinky

Get your nails done in this colorful and cozy salon -- Photo from
This modern salon specializes in Calgel, a superior gel nail system that promotes nail health. Calgel won’t lift, peel or chip, and doesn’t damage your nails with harsh acrylics or drills. Without interfering with your nailbed metabolism, it actually strengthens your own nails. Offering over 80 colors, Pinky is the place to go if you want to try this new trend. Other items on their menu include manicures, pedicures, sculptures and art.
Opening Hours: 11am to 20pm
Prices: ¥3,780~¥11,880

3. Nail Quick

Nail Quick is one of Japan's most famous salons -- Photo from
With over 20 branches in Tokyo alone, Nail Quick is one of the most popular nail salons in Japan. The Shibuya branch is located in the famous Udagawacho Street, making it a perfect stop to get your nails done between shopping and lunch. The company’s concept is to keep your nails healthy but make them beautiful. Their extensive menu includes nail art, calgel, gelcolor by OPI as well as nailparfait gel, which is the company’s own concoction.A little harder than regular gel, nailparfait has a clear shine like glass.
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm
Prices: ¥2,400~¥11,500

4. Fast Nail

Pick your design and off you go -- Photo from
As the name of this salon already suggests, Fast Nail is the place to go if you need a quick fix. Reservations are not required (although recommended) and the system is easy. Choose one of their many designs, the colors you like and wait to be seated. The friendly and fast-working staff will not disappoint.  
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm (weekdays) and 10am to 8pm (weekends)
Prices: ¥2,900~¥7990

5. EsNail

EsNail has an extensive "Nail Collection" with many designs -- Photo from
Founded in 2003, this nail salon has branches in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and even Los Angeles. “Es” stands for “elegant satisfaction” and expresses esNail’s desire to provide their customers with high-quality techniques and service for a satisfactory experience. On their “Nail Collection” menu, they provide designs for every season and occasion, including their “Autumn Trend Nail”, “Spring Hand & Foot Nail”, “Romantic & Dreaming” and “Xmas and Kimono Nail” collections.
Opening Hours: 12:30pm to 10pm
Prices: ¥2,900~¥12,000

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