Top 5 Foreigner-Friendly Hair Salons In and Around Harajuku

If you’re into style and fashion, you have to visit Harajuku. The fashion mecca of Japan, Harajuku features an endless amount of trendy stores. The renowned Takeshita Street located in the heart of the neighborhood is lined with cute little shops selling everything from visual-kei boots to lolita dresses. But Harajuku is not only a great place to go shopping. If you’re in need of a new, trendy haircut, this is the right area for you. Trouble finding the right salon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! These are our top 5 foreigner-friendly hair salons in Harajuku:
1. Hair Salon Nalu
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Doubling as a cafe, Hair Salon Nalu—also called Number 76—was established in 2001. The shop aims to be a place where customers can casually change their hairstyle, just like you would change a fashion item. Nalu means “waves” in Hawaiian and is meant to express the owner’s wish to “ride the tides (catching the trends)” and “beckoning the waves (creating new trends”. They offer various options, such as styling, perm, head spa, and color, including the trendy ombre and balayage looks. The 76Cafe on the ground floor is a great place to show off your new haircut to the world. 
2. Garden
Garden recently moved from Harajuku to Omotesando -- Photo from
With its big windows and modern design, this famous salon will definitely catch your eye. Well-known for being a trendsetting salon in Japan, Garden is the right place to go if you want a fresh new cut. Employing only top hair stylists, the salon can count famous celebrities and models among their many clients. Get some valuable advice on your hairstyling and walk out of those doors feeling like a brand new person!  
3. Assort
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This hair salon describes itself as the number one English-friendly hair salon in Tokyo. Assort’s stylists all have experience with different types of hair from fine and straight to thick and curly. Focussing on design and precision, the salon does not only provide experienced English-speaking staff but also a good value. Providing its clients with the newest trends from New York and Tokyo and the best customer service, you will go home looking your very best! 
4. Natura
At Natura, you will be given great advice on how to maintain your new hairstyle! -- Photo from
With their long business hours from 10am till 10pm, Natura is great for travelers with a busy schedule. On top of having been featured in countless Japanese magazines as well as on TV, this hair salon has had fashion models vouching for it. Especially popular for their casual feminine hairstyles, Natura has a loyal and committed group of clients. The highly trained stylists listen carefully to your wishes and give great advice on how to maintain your new hairstyle and keep your hair looking gorgeous. 
5. Sozo 
Get pampered at Sozo! -- Photo from
This incredibly popular hair salon has more than 90% of its customers returning, which goes to show how great their style and services are. Well-known for their relaxing shampoo treatments that come with really good massages, Sozo will give you an amazing experience from start to finish. Featuring an English reception, making a reservation should be easy even if you have no Japanese skills at all. Due to its popularity you might have to wait a little while at the salon, but don’t worry! Their mini art gallery will keep you entertained.
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