Are you still going around to buy omiyage? You are out of trend!

In recent years, instead of traveling with group tours, more and more people have chosen to travel independently. Not only do travellers want to eat their way through Japan, stay in authentic Japanese hot spring hotels, but also fill their suitcases with souvenirs worth your yen. As consumers have started getting off the bandwagon of purchasing hot-sale items such as rice cookers and washlets, they have started adding their shopping lists with real Japanese goods, such as Japanese snacks and sweets. However, do you really have to travel all the way from Kyushu to Hokkaido to buy what you need? Well, with the souvenir shops established by Redhorse Corporation, you can now fill your shopping cart with products from all over Japan. 
So far Redhorse shops are located not only in Tokyo (Haneda and Narita airports), Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, but also outdoor shops in Sapporo Hokkaido and Osaka. Therefore, when you travel around those areas, do spend more time on sightseeing, because Redhorse will get you covered with the souvenir selections.
Some people worry that they cannot stop by Redhorse because they have to shop for other items in the duty-free stores, but hey, no worries, we have thought of this ahead of you! Redhorse e-omiyage targets on travelers who have short period of stays, providing the service of pre-ordering online and picking up their ordered items at the airport. You can even pre-order before coming to Japan, and pick up your products at the designated airport upon your departure from Japan. 
There are four benefits of using this pre-order system. 
You can: 
1、Pick up the product on the very last day of the trip, in order to avoid burdening yourself with heavy luggages.
2、Get more discount because it is a duty-free store. 
3、Get the chance to taste gourmets from all over Japan without having to physically go to those places.
4、You do not have to worry about items getting out of stock, thanks to the pre-order system.

Isn’t it convenient? You might be wondering whether it is difficult to pre-order the products, but rest assured, the one and only thing you will have to do is to register an account on the Redhorse e-omiyage online website, and in just three simple steps, you will be over with the process. 
1、Click on, the official page of e-omiyage, and choose your favorite items.
2、Print the pre-order confirmation email, and make sure to keep it with you. 
3、Before leaving Japan, head to the designated shops at the departure gate, show your printed confirmation letter and your passport. 
While others are rushing around to purchase omiyages, you can leisurely bathe in hots springs, munch on snacks, and sip on matcha - thanks to the help of e-omiyage. See? Isn’t using the e-omiyage system an amazing way to help you experience Japan without having to rush to places for purchasing souvenirs? Then why wait? Let’s head over to the website and get started!
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