Sakaiminato Trip

Abour Sakaiminato:
Sakaiminato is a city located at the tip of the Yumigahama peninsula, and the whole area is about 28 square kilometers. Due to its advantageous geographical location, Sakaiminato has been a major trading port since the late 1800s. The city is also very well connected with a harbor, airport and railway. Sakaiminato is not only one of the most active fishery bases in Japan, but also an emerging force in the international seafood and trading markets.

Our 2-Day Trip Through Sakaiminato: 
On the 3rd day of our adventure, we visited Sakaiminato city in Tottori prefecture. It took us an hour and a half to get there from Izumo by car. Once again, trains are always available for those who can’t or don’t want to drive. We simply chose to drive since it is more convenient with the amount of spots we wanted to visit. 

Day 3 Schedule: 
On our first day in this area, we first wanted to check-in to our hotel so that we could settle down and explore the surrounding areas near the hotel. We were definitely in for a surprise with how nice the staff and facilities were at the Oyado Nono Sakaiminato Hotel

Stay At Hotel Oyado Nono Sakaiminato
Hotel Oyado Nono Sakaiminato
Hotel Oyado Nono Sakaiminato
As soon as we arrive at Oyado Nono Sakaiminato Hotel, we are not only amazed by the interior design, but also the generosity of the staff. The quality of the services and facilities that the hotel offers is definitely up there with the best hotels in Japan.
Shoe boxes corner
Guests are asked to take off their shoes and put them in the provided shoe boxes.
Getas provide by the hotel
We got to try on getas, traditional Japanese clogs, that are provided at the lobby. It was really interesting! Walking around with geta isn’t as easy as it looks – you have to balance it right and keep a certain body posture or you’ll be tilting forward the entire time.
All you can eat sea food section
Apart from being completely spoiled by the great service, we were also well fed by the hotel. The all you can eat breakfast is fascinating – it features a very popular seafood section with salmon sashimi, salmon roe, tuna purée, sweet shrimp, squid and other delights. With all these fresh ingredients you’ll be able to make your own perfect seafood don.
Yonaki Soba
Yonaki soba, a midnight free ramen provided by the hotel after 10:00pm – I’m surely gaining weight after this trip! The hotel is feeding us too well.

Besides the food, we also experienced one of the most amazing hot springs! Both hot springs for men and women are located at 12th floor.
Hot spring entrance
Indoor hot spring
Outdoor hot spring
The first thing we noticed when we entered the shower area is that the shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all high quality. That’s always a plus! And the view from the outdoor hot spring is just fantastic, now this is luxury!
If you aren’t relaxed enough already after the hot springs, there is also a sauna within the same facility that you can enjoy. For me, I loved experiencing both and spent most of my time during these 2 days feeling completely stress free. 

Other awesome facilities that this hotel offers include a bar next to the karaoke room, an outdoor foot bath, for those that want to take a quick dip before heading out or bath in and much more.
Karaoke room
Mini bar
Outdoor foot bath
Overall, the time spent at the Oyado Nono Sakaiminato Hotel was nothing short of amazing, and we will definitely visit again!

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery 
Chiyomusubi means eternal ties with people.
Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery
At this sake brewery you get to taste different kinds of snacks and sake that go perfectly with each other. There are so many interesting choices that it’s impossible to resist trying them all.
Japanese sake
Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery also offers brewery tour, but reservations by email or fax are required. 
E-mail : 
Fax : +81-859-42-3515
The tour lasts around 20-30 minutes, and after that you get to sample the sake and traditional Japanese snacks at their sake shop.

Once the alcohol had left our system, we ventured off to Monster Rental Bicycle. Next to the JR Sakaiminato station is the Monster information center where you can rent a bicycle or store your things at the lockers nearby. It is recommended to travel the Mizuki Shigeru Road by bicycle in order to experience everything along this road.  

*Price for the bicycle rental: 500 yen for 2 hours, and 100 yen for an hour extension.
Monster rental bicycle

Mizuki Shigeru Road 
This 800 meter long road was named after Mizuki Shigeru, creator of the classic manga Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro who hails from Sakaiminato. As you can imagine, he’s a local hero and the street is dotted with over 100 bronze yokai (demon) statues from the comic. Visitors are free to touch and take pictures with the statues and they add a very whimsical atmosphere to the area. This road is also lined with local stores and restaurants so if you get hungry on the way, don’t worry.
Mizuki Road
Mizuki Road

Monster Shrine 
If you see a unique torii gate and a one-eyed stone next to each other in the middle of the street you’ll know you’re at the right place. The gate and one-eyed stone both appeared in Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro, so if you’re a big fan of the series you’ll love this place.
Monster Shrine

Mizuki Shigeru Museum 
At the end of the Mizuki Shigeru Road you’ll find the Mizuki Shigeru Museum. It contains many of his works, including the entire manga series that is available for rent and other ghost masterpieces. One neat effect in the museum is the illusion of ghosts floating around you, achieved by stereoscopic modeling and sound and lighting effects.
Mizuki Shigeru Museum
Mizuki Shigeru Museum

Day 4 Schedule: 
Our second day exploring this area got kind of fishy as we explored some local fish markets, ate some delicious seafood and felt like we could see the whole world from a beautiful observation deck. 

If you are a seafood lover, this market is a must visit! It has a vibrant atmosphere and huge variety of fresh seafood. There are 12 fish stores here and they are frequented by both tourists and locals alike because of the great quality and value they offer.
Sakaiminato Seafood Direct Selling Market
Sakaiminato Seafood District Selling Market
Sakaeya さかゑや
After seeing so much delicious fresh seafood, naturally we got VERY hungry so we stopped by Sakaeya. This restaurant isn’t hard to find and definitely worth your time. Crab in general is very popular here in this area. Sakaiminato actually boasts the most snow crab and red snow crabs caught in all of Japan. This particular place is very famous for their dish that they called crab rice.
Sakaeya crab rice
Crab rice set
Crab rice
A whole steamed crab sits on top of the rice, soaking up all the delicious juices. Yum!
Located on the first floor of Yume Minato Tower, the Minatomachi shopping district is a brick warehouse that sells different sweets and goods, as well as special products exclusive to Tottori. This shopping district is divided into four different sections - seafood, arts and crafts, snacks and drinks, and GeGeGe no Kitaro. If you ever run out of souvenir ideas, this place has got you covered.
Minatomachi shopping district
Minatomachi shopping district

Yume Minato Tower 
After the market, we ventured to the upper floors of the Yume Minato Tower which was built in 1997. The tower is covered with glass, and is structured with steel columns. The entrance fee is 300 Yen for adults and 200 Yen for middle and elementary school students.
Yume Minato Tower
Yume Minato Tower
Yume Minato Tower is 43 meters tall and offers a panoramic view of the Japan Sea.
Yume Minato observation deck
From the observation deck you can see the landscape of Sakaiminato. On the third floor, there is a theater screening an 18-minute short film called “The Choice of Tottori” that introduces the best places to visit in Tottori. The video is shown four times a day at 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, and 15:30, so if you want to understand more about this area, definitely come check this out.

Our final stop on this 6-day adventure was to the beautiful Oki Islands, which was quite different from both Izumo and Sakaiminato so make sure to check them out below! 

Follow our 6-day footstep(Itinerary) : Izumo ---> Sakaiminato (Now) ---> Oki Island 

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