Okinawa Access Guide

Access to Okinawa Airport and Okinawa Main Island

Naha Airport is located south of Naha, and it takes about 30 minutes to get here by car from Naha City. It has two terminals—one for domestic airlines and the other for international airlines. The main modes of transportation from Nara Airport to other areas of Okinawa Main Island are the monorail, bus and taxi.
Public transportation is not very developed in Okinawa. The same modes of transport that link the airport to urban areas are also used for intra-city transportation. People typically choose to travel via monorail, bus, taxi, or car rental service—all of which will be introduced in this guide.

1. Monorail

The monorail only runs in Naha City, connecting Naha Airport to Shuri Castle. Its primary stops including Asahibashi Station (Naha’s main bus station), Kencho-mae Station, Miebashi Station, and Makishi station, are intertwined with Kokusai Dori Street. 
The monorail runs from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with fares amounting to 230 to 330 yen depending on the distance traveled. It takes only 27 minutes from the departure station to the terminal station.    
You can buy one- or two-day monorail tickets at 700 yen and 1200 yen respectively. It is a popular choice among tourists staying in Naha City, since the ticket holder can enjoy unlimited monorail rides within the valid period, as well as enjoy a number of discounts in restaurants and tourist attractions. 

2. Bus 

Apart from the monorail, the bus is also a common mode of transportation used by Okinawa locals and tourists alike. The local bus system is run by four companies: Okinawa Bus, Toyo Bus, Ryukyu Bus, and Naha Bus. Naha urban routes and suburban routes are provided, connecting Naha’s main bus station to the south, north and center of main Okinawa Island.

Okinawa Bus Routes:
This route passes most tourist spots in main Okinawa Island. Among them, Bus No. 20 and Bus No. 120 connect Naha to Nago—one of the most popular routes among visitors.
Toyo Bus Routes:
This mainly operates along the east shore of Okinawa. Unlike Bus No. 111, the remaining buses do not pass by tourist spots.
Ryukyu Bus Routes:
Most of their routes are suburban routes covering a few tourist spots. Ryukyu Bus is among the major buses that cater to visitors.
Naha Bus Routes:
This mainly operates within Naha City. However, it is not commonly used by tourists because the monorail is more convenient for intra-city transportation.
Sightseeing Day Tour Bus
Ordinary buses pass by several places. With a small number of buses, however, it can take up to an hour for the next bus to arrive. For this reason, take advantage of the Sightseeing Day Tour Bus to visit Churaumi Aquarium, Manzamo, and several other attractions. Its fare includes attraction tickets and transportation expenses. Currently, there are five sightseeing routes that cover major landscapes in main Okinawa Island.

3. Taxi and car rental service
An Okinawa taxi is different from taxis in other areas of Japan because here, you can negotiate with taxi drivers! The base price is 500 yen. If you are traveling with a group, hiring a taxi or chartered car can be a time-saving and inexpensive choice.

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