Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Cheap Flight Tickets

When you’re traveling on a budget, the cost of a plane ticket is one of the most expensive things on your list. Since Japan is an island, you don’t have a choice to spend a large chunk of change on your ticket. Here are a few tips to follow if you want to bring down the cost of your flight to live out your dream of visiting Japan without busting your wallet.
Earlier is better
The earlier you settle on a travel date the better and the earlier you can book, even better. I once planned a trip to Japan a whole 10 months ahead of time and found tickets below 700$ CAD (that's almost 500$ USD!), something I wasn’t even remotely able to match at a later date. If you can't settle on a date that early, no worries. You can easily find ticket prices below 1000$ (USD and CAD) about 5-8 months prior to your trip if you do some good research. 
Flexibility is Key
While being able to settle on your dates early is a good thing, being flexible is just as important too. Flexibility with your dates will allow you to find different dates that might come at a cheaper price. Leaving early in the week is always cheaper than Friday and weekends for example. If you're flying in to a city with multiple airports, you may want to consider all the airports to find the cheaper option. If you're flying into Tokyo for example, being flexible with the airport of your choice, be it Narita or Haneda, can save you a couple of dollars too.
Do your research
Most people will look at the big airline websites for tickets and this is the biggest mistake you could make! If you're dates are flexible, try putting your dates into Google Flights or even Kayak. These will allow you to see when the best and cheapest days for traveling are. Skyscanner is also well-known for having some of the cheapest flights around. The more cheap ticket websites you check, the higher the chances of you finding some of the cheapest flights to Japan. So don't settle on something expensive when you can find a reasonable price.
Traveling to Japan on the cheap is possible and hopefully with these few tips you can spend money on food rather than your travels.
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