Top 5 Stationery Shop Stops

If you enjoy the feel of paper gliding under your hand or the fine brush stroke of a fountain pen, then you’ll fall in love with Japan’s stationary stores. Japan is a paper-lover’s paradise and Japanese stationery is well known for its quality and innovative products. If you shopping around in Tokyo for some paper goods, here are five stores that are definitely worth a visit.
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Kyukyodo has a very long history in stationeries; they opened their first shop in Kyoto in 1663 and even supplied incense to the Imperial Palace during the Edo period. It is still run by the Kumagai family that founded it, the shop was relocated to Tokyo in 1880. Located in the Ginza district you’ll find calligraphy supplies, Japanese paper goods, postcards, stationary, envelopes, and gift envelopes. With its rich history it is definitely a place you need to stop by!
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Another shop located in Ginza, at Itoya, the customers can not only see the products they are about to buy, but they can also feel and try them. They have hard to find items and authentic Japanese products such as washi paper, calligraphy brushes and origami supplies. Itoya can even design custom-made signature seals on site which you can leave with that same day.
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While not in downtown Tokyo, it is a must for paper lovers because of two unique services offered at the store. You can create your own notebook in 20 minutes or less and even get your hands dirty mixing your very own ink. They also have a large selection of goods like greeting cards and letter sets and they only stock the finest pens, papers, and accessories.
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Located close to Tokyo Station, it is known for its books, but also offers a wide variety of stationary as well. They have an extensive range of fountain pens for all types of budgets and even have an entire room dedicated to planners and diaries. If you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by to give their notebooks and cards a try!
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Tokyu Hands
You can find a lot of things in Tokyu Hands, from tooth brushes to leather samples, but their stationary section is something you cannot miss. They offer very affordable stationary items and a wide range of paper goods; check out their colorful letter papers as it’s one of their most popular items! They even have some paper crafts that come with easy to follow English instructions.
Whatever your paperly needs, you’re sure to find something in Tokyo!

Tanya Charron