A day in Odaiba

Odaiba offers a fresh look of Tokyo from the other side of the bay and in my experience a MUST see! 
How to access Odaiba. It’s pretty simple – from central Tokyo just take the Yurikamome line from shimbashi station right to Odaibakaihinkoen station. 
We used the hyperdia app to help us navigate during our trip to japan. It’s a great tool if you have access to internet. 
Oedo Onsen Monogatari
Our first stop was the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. It’s an edo hot spring theme park dedicated to relaxation and food! Once you enter you have lockers off to the side where you’re meant to store your shoes. You’ll then get a chance to pick out a yukata and they will hand you a key on a wrist band that also has a scanner on it. The system works like this – everytime you purchase a product/food/game – they charge onto the scanner attached to your key. Be careful! Fees can stack up  pretty quickly without you realizing it! The changing rooms are split into men and women and there you’ll change into your yukata before entering the theme park. 
There are lots of “matsuri” (festival) style games to play and food stalls to eat at. The baths are like all public baths in Japan. You must go in stark naked – no exceptions. At first it may seem unnerving to be in your birthday suit in front of stranger however once you realize that nobody is actually staring you start to relax and enjoy the bath water. There are both indoor and outdoor baths to enjoy. 
There is a mixed boy/girl foot bath outside as well.  You can walk through the stones and it is painful in the moment, however my feet thanked me for it by the end of the day!
Admission Fee:  2880 yen    2380 yen (after 6pm)
Timing: 11 am – 9 am 
Diver City Plaza
Right outside this shopping mall stands an 18 m tall Gundum Statue which commemorates the franchise’s 30th anniversary. Behind it lies the Gundum Café. Unfortunately it will be taken down March 5th 2017 so hurry if you’ve got the chance!
Hint – the 40th anniversary is coming up in 2019 and I’m sure they have something else that they’re concocting! 
If you’re a gamer then this place is going to be right up your alley. It’s an arcade but 100x better. They have more of a simulation style gaming approach. There are so many games such as House of the Dead 4, Transformers and a pretty fun Sonic game. If you’re an Initial D fan they have a really cool simulator based on the arcade game. 
Admission Fee:  For a passport it is 4300 yen; includes admission & rides
                              For a night passport it is 3300 yen (after 5pm)
Daikanransha (Ferris Wheel)
You can see this Ferris wheel in the famous anime ending ‘My Will’ from Inuyasha. It’s the ferris wheel that kagome is riding. It’s nostalgic and it gives you an amazing view of Tokyo from the very top.  
Daikanransha is a 155m tall ferris wheel, one of the world’s largest ferris wheel. 
You can choose between coloured doors or glass ones.
Admission Fee: 900 yen
Timings: 10:00 – 22:00 
Tokyo MegaWeb 
Right in front of the ferris wheel is huge car show room and you can even test out the cars if you have a valid driver’s license. 
Tokyo Bay (Rainbow Bridge)
Here you can see tokyo’s replica of the statue of liberty.  It’s much smaller but it does add a little something to the view. 
This was one of the most relaxing days in Tokyo. It definitely gives you the futuristic sense of  Japan without been too eclectic. 

Jasleen Singh