Spring In Japan


Perhaps the most popular time for visitors, spring in Japan is a time of beauty and memory making. The weather is usually breezy and pleasant, ushering people outside to appreciate the budding natural surroundings. Flowers, festivals and food are just a few reasons your springtime visit will be unforgettable! Below we have a collection of destinations, trips and blog posts to help you enjoy the beauty of Japan if you are planning a visit in spring. Kick off your trip with a festive hanami or cherry blossom viewing. Check out our destinations for the best blooms in the country and read our tips to make sure you get a good picture! Visit some local temples and celebrate Buddha’s birthday during hana matsuri. Later in spring, we invite you to celebrate Golden Week with us and watch families fly kites on Children’s Day. Wherever you are in Japan, your spring trip will be filled with new discoveries. Come with us to make lasting memories during springtime in Japan!


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