Japan's Kawaii Culture


Home to Hello Kitty, Pikachu and everything cute, Japan is a paradise for fans of "kawaii" (cute) culture. Visitors will quickly notice the many little mascots making sure you don't get your fingers stuck in an elevator door or accidentally walk into a construction site. Candy-eating school girls with plushies dangling from their school bags and teddy bear backpacks are on every corner. But in Japan, cuteness doesn’t stop with teenage girls. Grown women talking on muffin-shaped iPhones and wearing Disney wristwatches are nothing unusual. Especially Tokyo is famed for its kawaii trends. Harajuku's Takeshita Street has long been one of the go-to places to spot cute lolita girls. Anime faces with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks adorn everything from Shibuya billboards to airplanes. Going to animal cafes with the most adorable cats, bunnies and other furry friends is a popular pastime. Theme parks and souvenir shops filled with cuteness await you! Check our top spots, trips and blog posts below and learn all about the Japanese kawaii culture.


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