Fall in Japan


Fall. Or autumn, if you prefer. A particularly picturesque time in Japan, fall is marked by crisp weather, the colorful changing of leaves and a bountiful harvest. Food lovers will delight in earthy and exotic mushrooms, aromatic gingko nuts, glistening salmon and crisp persimmons. With still sunny days but cooler nights, the season is an excellent time for traveling in Japan. Fall also boasts parallels to spring. Vibrant autumn leaves are to fall what cherry blossoms are to spring. Whether it be the metropolis or far-flung mountain ranges, Japan is awash with color. Following a centuries-old tradition, spectators from near and far make their way up and down the archipelago. Join in to view "koyo" or the annual changing of the country's foliage. On this page, search Odigo's best recommendations for destinations, trips and blog posts for the best of what autumnal Japan has to offer.


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  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/3745-rikugien-garden-bunkyo-ku
  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/3782-showa-kinen-park-akishima-shi
  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/3799-kiyomizu-dera-temple-kyoto-shi
  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/6651-hitachi-seaside-park-hitachinaka-shi
  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/10295-yahiko-park-yahiko-mura
  • https://www.odigo.jp/spots/12963-kakunodate-samurai-residences-akita


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  • https://www.odigo.jp/articles/234-these-5-japan-fall-views-will-take-your-breath-away
  • https://www.odigo.jp/articles/96-touring-japan-my-autumn-love-affair
  • https://www.odigo.jp/articles/94-halloween-is-boo-ming-in-japan


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  • https://www.odigo.jp/akita
  • https://www.odigo.jp/kyoto
  • https://www.odigo.jp/yamanashi


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  • https://www.odigo.jp/itineraries/24000
  • https://www.odigo.jp/itineraries/24025
  • https://www.odigo.jp/itineraries/24078
  • https://www.odigo.jp/itineraries/35505

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