Hiking In Japan


Japan is a country of mountains that have emerged from the sea over the course of thousands of years. Scale Mount Fuji to see the sunrise or take an afternoon stroll through around a pristine lake in the Japanese Alps; Japan has something to suit all visitors. Enjoy Mount Yotei’s skiing, hiking, and onsens in Hokkaido. Or, catch a panoramic view Okinawa’s gentle hills rolling down into aquamarine waters from Mount Omoto, at a modest 500 metres. The mountains are never far away even from the urban centers. Tokyo travelers can take a day trip to Mount Takao and Osaka visitors can take transit to Mount Koya, Japan’s largest Buddhist town and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Stroll through century-old cedar forests or climb the alpine hills as the Autumn leaves transform to red and gold. Hiking in Japan is the best way to actively enjoy the country’s history, culture and natural beauty. Check out our spots, trips and blog posts to find the routes that suit you best!


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