Where's the Highest Ferris Wheel?

Do you know that Japan is Ferris Wheel fans' paradise? Among many, the highest one, of which height is 123 meters high, is located at Osaka Expocity in Osaka, which was opened in 2015. https://www.odigo.jp/spots/10644-redhorse-osaka-wheel-suita-shi
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In De 2016, we went to enjoy panoramic views and nightscapes of the city of Osaka. With its gondolas with transparent floors,you'll be surprised at the spectacles.
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This area has been famous as there once held an Osaka Expo in 1970. Even now, you can find traces of the former days. For example, there's The Tower of the Sun near this Ferris wheel. Taro Okamoto, the famous artist for his avant-garde paintings, created this symbolic tower during the Expo event. https://www.odigo.jp/spots/10483-tower-of-the-sun-suita-shi
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At evening, the Ferris wheel showed us different face. It looks nice as a night view as well. For sure, you can take good pictures there for memory o Osaka trip.
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My friends made comments as below;
Friend A 
"With the very neat and beautiful whiteness of the frames and gondolas, the Ferris wheel is definitely worthy for photo taking as the subject of wide angle camera from various angles!
Despite the cloudy sky, its white body stood out from the gray clouds and looked beautiful! Since there is no tall building around the Expo Commemoration Park, the Ferris wheel glows in the blue sky and it is very beautiful on a sunny day.As the interior of the gondola is also in white color, it does not block the view at all!

The transparent floor allowed us to take a panoramic view on its white body structure as well as the landscapes below. We didn’t feel the fear at all♡
The most exciting part is that we could look down at The Tower of the Sun created by Taro Okamoto in a very close distance.
The 18 minutes ride passed by in a blink of an eye. Although there’s a seat, I got so excited that I have even forgotten to sit down. σ(^_^;)"

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Friend B 
"This is a Ferris wheel for grown-ups!The glowing white gondolas are uniquely beautiful, which cannot be found in other Ferris wheel, and makes me feel good by just looking at it.

As one of its selling points is the transparent floor, for those who have acrophobia may feel a bit scared.I feel a little nostalgic while taking a bird's-eye view of The Tower of the Sun in Expo Commemoration Park.

Unfortunately at the day we went the sky was cloudy, on a sunny day it seems that we can overlook the skyscrapers in Osaka on the opposite side and also Abeno Harukas.
It’s a Ferris wheel that you can enjoy a number of Osaka typical sceneries, that’s why you will never get tired of it even you are taking your 2nd or 3rd ride.
This time I visited with two of my female friends, after recalling the wonderful memory, even though I don’t have one now, I thought it will be great to come with my boyfriend! The night view must be really awesome."
Looking forward to hearing from you after you go there and enjoy it.