Going to Odaiba City? Try this route!

Access Odaiba via Water!

Diver City Odaiba

In my experience going to the city of Odaiba for the first time, I never would have thought of taking this route to reach my destination, but it was one I definitely enjoyed and I would highly suggest trying at least once during your travels. 

A common access to Odaiba is typically taking the JR Yamanote Line from Tokyo Station to Osaki Station, and then using the Rinkai Line to Odaiba. Though this route is what most first time travelers will use to reach Odaiba, a friend of mine suggested we try another route. It may take longer to reach Odaiba and cost more than taking the subway line, roughly about ¥830 total, but it was an experience I won't forget. 

Hamarikyu Garden and the Hamarikyu Water Bus

Accessing Odaiba city can also be achieved by water, using various Water Bus companies that have routes leading to Odaiba Seaside Park. The one that I specifically took was called Hamarikyu Garden Water Bus, located near Tsukiji Fish Market. 
To access this landing, you must first walk through Hamarikyu Gardens. An entrance fee of ¥300 is required for most folks to enter the park, but it has much to offer. Hamarikyu is known for it's various Cherry blossom and Maple trees, along with many flower gardens to observe depending on the season. There is also a guided tour, offered in English, for those wanting to learn more about the garden.
Rain isn't letting up anytime soon!

Due to the rainy weather, I wasn't able to fully experience the garden, but the
route that I took to reach the landing had plenty of beautiful scenery to offer.
Change of view from the buildings

Once at the landing location, there is a kiosk that provides ticket prices, departure and arrival times of the water bus. Ticket prices vary depending on the destination chosen, in my case, it was to Odaiba Seaside Park, costing about ¥630. Departure times also vary, but generally departing from Hamarikyu Gardens is around 1:25 pm. 

The Water Bus

The water bus itself was amazing. It is composed of three sections, the front section of the water bus has seating arrangements for tourists to receive tourist information through a television monitor.
Rear of the Boat

The rear of the water bus has two levels to access. The lower level was enclosed but offered many open sections to view the city of Tokyo. While the upper level was open and would be the best spot for sightseeing. There are also vending machines and restrooms provided and I could not help myself but enjoy a beverage and appreciate the scenery.
Rainy Day Tokyo

The highlight of this mini adventure would have to be Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge. This route takes you directly under the iconic bridge and gives you a view that most wouldn't be able to see by other means.
Rainbow Bridge
After about 20 minutes of sailing, you'll reach your destination: Odaiba Seaside Park, located right next to Aqua City. The landing site is apparently a popular spot for Pokemon Go, as many locals and tourists were all on their phones trying to catch Pokemon. There are also a few spots on the beach where you can enjoy the views of Rainbow Bridge and also you can grab a beer at the local pub. This was by far my favorite way of going to Odaiba, but since the cost of using this method can add up quickly, I'd say at least once would be perfect, especially to see Rainbow Bridge up close! I think because of the rainy weather, there weren't a lot of people occupying the water bus, so just be wary that this method can possibly become packed with people, plan accordingly! But if you have time during your day and have a few extra yen to spend, definitely travel to Odaiba by water! It's an awesome experience and provides plenty of sights to see.
Aqua City near Odaiba Seaside Park

Saikham Xiong