Tokyo's Cutest Cat Café

Cat Cafés are always magical places to be, but Temari no Ouchi (てまりのおうち) Cat Café takes it to another level! From the moment you walk into the café you feel as though you've stepped right into a Studio Ghibli movie. The whole café is decorated in a fairytale forest theme, including a giant tree and fairytale cottage for the cats to climb on. There is a large variety of cat breeds, including adorable this adorable munchkin cat pictured below.
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Entry to the café is a little more expensive than usual (1,200 yen for weekdays and 1,600 yen for weekends) but this is because there is no time limit and you're allowed to stay as long as you like. This means you can really relax and enjoy the calming atmosphere and the delicious selection of foods and drinks (try the scones!)
Temari no Ouchi is open from 10am until 9pm. I've heard that this cat café can get quite busy and they have to turn customers away sometimes (probably as a result of the lack of time limit). So I would advise you to turn up as close to opening time as possible to avoid disappointment. Or you could arrive after 7pm to get a discounted ticket (700 yen compared to the usual 1,200 yen).
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The staff unfortunately don't speak English but they are very friendly and helpful so don't worry if you can't speak much Japanese. I hope that you can visit this café if you get the chance!


The Café's Website:
Here is a list of the cats that live at the café, each cat has a little profile with information about them. They have a physical book where you can read about the cats in the café too, which is so cute!
You can see more of the café in my YouTube video:

Bethany Beffinee