You HAVE to Try These Adorable Totoro Cream Puffs!

This bakery in Setagaya is a must visit for any Studio Ghibli fan. It's called Shirohige's Cream Puff Shop and they make these adorable Totoro shaped cream puffs!
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There are lots of different flavours (indicated by the type of headgear the cream puff is wearing) and the flavours change seasonally. Here is the list of flavours that are currently being made: 
  • Custard (wearing a green leaf)
  • Strawberry Cream (wearing a pink flower) AVAILABLE JANUARY-JUNE ONLY
  • Peach Cream (wearing a pink hat) AVAILABLE JUNE-SEPTEMBER ONLY
  • Chestnut (wearing a brown leaf) AVAILABLE OCTOBER-DECEMBER ONLY
  • Chocolate Cream (wearing a blue hat)
  • Caramel Banana Cream (wearing a yellow hat) AVAILABLE JANUARY-APRIL ONLY
  • Matcha Cream (wearing a yellow hat) AVAILABLE MAY-AUGUST ONLY
  • Raspberry and Cream Cheese (wearing a yellow hat) AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER ONLY 
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You can choose to either eat the cream puffs in a café or take them away in a box from the bakery. When I went with my boyfriend we decided to eat them in the café (which also sells some delicious Italian food). However, I also recommend checking out the bakery because it has a lot of beautiful Ghibli decorations and you can also see the cream puffs being made by the bakers in the back. Hanging on the wall you can see some drawings by Hayao Miyazaki himself which is exciting for any Studio Ghibli fan!
We tried three flavours; custard, raspberry and cream cheese and peach cream. I would recommend them all but my favourite was the custard one! I hope that I can go back in spring to try the strawberry flavour! If you decide to visit, the address is 東京都世田谷区代田5−3−1and the nearest station is Setagaya-Daita (Odakyu Line).



Did you know that the house from My Neighbour Totoro is real!

Bethany Beffinee