A visit to the Owl Café Fukuro no Sato in Harajuku

Japan is well-known for all their different themed cafés, especially animal cafés are very popular. Most commen are the ones with cats inside, but also other animals like rabbits, hedgehogs, snakes and goats are likely to be found in Tokyo. Another sections are birds: owl cafés are lately increasing in Japan. A while ago I visited one in Harajuku, Tokyo.
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Fukuro no Sato (ふくろうの里), also called Owl Village, was opened in October2015. With its place only around minute away from Takeshita Exit of Harajuku station the café has a pretty good location. You can even watch the trains rushing by from the window. However, the entrance of the building is a little bit hidden. You will find the café at 4th floor of Harajuku-ATM Building.

When you enter the store you can decide between three courses: the standard course, the special course or short time course. For the first choice you have a period of 60 minutes inside the café plus a free drink and a glass figure. Regularly it costs ¥ 2500, however with the discount coupon on their website you only pay ¥ 1500. The special course also takes 60 minutes, but you will get a drink with dessert and two souvenirs. For this you have to pay ¥ 2000 with the discount (from ¥ 3000). Sometimes the café can be very crowded because not many people are allowed to enter at the same time. To be sure to get a seat, you should make an online reservation on their website. Another option is the short time course for only 30 minutes which is only possible to book at the café itself.
The store is used as a café and bar. So, there is an area with tatami mats in Japanese style and a bar area with a lot of owl decorations. Especially their teacups are very cute. You will find the owls inside a separate room which you can watch from the café and bar area through windows. The time inside this room is limited to 35 minutes for each person.
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Coming to the owl area, for sure, there are some rules. Don’t use flash when taking photos. Don’t make loud noises and don’t move quickly. You are allowed to touch the owls, but be gentle. The staff will show you were it is ok to touch them and there not. And don’t worry, some staff can speak English there.
For me it was a great experience. I never met an owl before and it was amazing to be so close to them. The staff put the Eurasian Eagle Owl named Bob on my arm and it was very big and felt heavy after a while. One of the Barn Owls was placed on my head later. For an extra fee of ¥ 500 you can even feed the owls on specific times.
The Fukuro no Sato is opened from 11 am to 8 pm every day, but take care last entry is already 7 pm. Find more information on their website. They have another store in Kichijoji, too.
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Claudia Mitsubori