You can get Magikarp Taiyaki in Akihabara!

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Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake that is a very popular treat in Japan. Don’t worry though, the cake doesn’t taste like fish! Taiyaki is usually filled with a traditional red bean paste, but can be found in many different flavours such as custard, chocolate, cream and sweet potato.

Taiyaki is shaped like the fish sea bream.. although nobody seems to know the reason why. However the taiyaki chain Kurikoan have decided to put a nintendo twist on the classic treat and create a magikarp shaped taiyaki and it’s really making a SPLASH.

(please forgive me for that last joke)

As a huge fan of the Pokémon franchise I knew I had to try these magikarp taiyaki myself, so I headed down to the Akihabara branch of Kurikoan to check it out. The shop is just a 3 minute walk from Akihabara station an area famous for all things nerdy, with many shops selling anime and video game related merchandise.
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The magikarp taiyaki come in two flavours; custard (206 yen) and red bean (176 yen). I decided to try the custard flavour and it was really delicious! It also comes wrapped in adorable Pokémon themed packaging that reads ‘I love Koikingu!’ which is the Japanese name for magikarp.. you could say that it was super effective (that is the last cheesy joke I promise!)
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Kurikoan create taiyaki in many interesting flavours, so maybe they will introduce more magikarp fillings in the future!

There are Kurikoan shops in many locations all over Japan but these nerdy treats are only available in four locations; Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai, Kichijoji and of course Akihabara. If you haven’t already tried taiyaki, this is the perfect excuse!



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