Graduation season is here

Spring time and blooming blossoms, means graduation season has come around. For many students, a year of hard work and recent exams have (or soon will) come to an end. This time of year is also a time to say goodbye and move on in life. For students this means graduating school or university and walking down a new path in life. 'Tabidachi no hi ni' (旅立ちの日に) is an emotional and optimistic graduation song sung in schools all over Japan. The title means 'till the day we depart' and is about believing and moving on. 勇気を翼に込めて 希望の風に乗り この広い大空に 夢を託して (Yuki wo tsubasa ni komete, kibou no kaze ni nori, kono hiroi oozora ni yume wo takushite) which translates to 'put your courage in your wings, fly on the wind of hope, and trust the wide sky's dreams.' This line is very empowering me and is a message saying that everything is going to be alright and you are free to follow your dreams.
Graduation Certificate and blossoms

The Japanese phrase 'サクラサク' (Sakurasaku), literally means cherry blossoms will grow. This phrase is often said to students who are taking exams to graduate in March, and is often printed on various stationary including pencils and notebooks for exam success. It is sort of a good luck phrase, meaning that in the spring, your blossoms will bloom. Of course the cherry blossoms we see bloom, but your personal blossoms inside your heart will bloom depending on your success. 
Sakurasaku goods

Also helping to exam success, many companies, (especially food) are bring out special 'lucky' products. Eating the lucky Pocky or Kit Kats while studying are said to have psychological benefits as well as an excuse snack! In Japanese, Kit Kat (キットカット) sounds similar to Kitto Katsu (キットカツ) which translates to: ' You will win'. Also the snack brand Curl (カール) have products named Ucurl (ウカール), an adaptation of the word ukaru (受かる) which means pass. 
Carl snack exam success version

Congratulations to all who graduated this year! 

Ellie H