Hike it baby Japan (Tokyo and Yokoska)

Hike it Baby- sounds fun already doesn't it!

It's a community for people who love being outdoors and would like to bring their kids from birth to school age along.
I'm sure I don't have to convince you how beneficial for you and your family being outdoors is and the good news is that now it's easier than ever!

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Hike it Baby was born in 2013 in the United States. 
There are now over 300 branches and close to 180,000 families- across the US and internationally.
Hike it Baby started in July of 2013, when Founder Shanti Hodges invited a few other new families to join her for a hike. In the first few months these were casual hikes among friends. As the number of families participating grew, it became apparent that the desire to get outside was much more than Shanti expected. Through the help of an ever increasing group of hosts and volunteers, Hike it Baby grew from a small group of parents to a large community of families. In 2016 Hike it Baby filed for non-profit status.

You can organize your own separate family hike, but then you need to do the research and get prepared on your own. Joining a hiking group might be easier, but with a baby/toddler you might want to take it slow and other people won't necessarily understand. That is why Hike it Baby is awesome! 
They plan the trips, while you and your child get to enjoy the hike, meet other families and make some new friends. 

Every hike starts with welcome circle where hikers get to share a few words about themselves and their families. Groups are responsible to stay together and will wait for you when you need a break. They do not discriminate and never leave a hiker behind. Any family member or nanny is welcome to join, so it's not just for moms and dads. They respect nature, try to leave no trace of their adventures and preserve the environment, so other people can enjoy it too.
On top of all that you get to hike with people from all over the world, create international friendships and practice your language skills. Your hike can turn out to be the best language exchange playdate ever!

The majority of their events are free and at the moment they have a branch in Tokyo and Yokoska, if that is not where you live you can bring Hike it baby to your city by starting your own branch. You can also organize hikes, become a member, volunteer and make a donation. The possibilities are endless!
You can go to their website, find your city and check out their calendar: 

A video to give you an idea of the Hike it Baby experience:

Hike it Baby Tokyo Facebook group:
Hike it Baby on Instagram, check out the fun:

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