Diabetes Diaries 1 - Say Cheeeeeeese

Gorge on gooey melty cheese scraped right off on to your dish @ Cheese Cheers Cafe in Shibuya! 

So earlier this week I was on Facebook and saw a video where the waiter brought over this giant cut of cheese, and scraped the top melted part off on to the dish, and it was love at first sight. Sadly the restaurant they were showing was somewhere NOT IN JAPAN, but I knew there just had to be a place in Tokyo that offered such cholesterol inducing delight known as Raclette.
Now, what is Raclette you may wonder? It's a Swiss/French dish of semi-hard cow's milk cheese with nutty tangy flavouring that has been bubbling under heat until it's melty and gooey, and then scraped off on to your dish - usually paired with potatoes, vegetables, cured meats, or bread.
To my luck (and with the help of Google), I was able to find a spot in Shibuya that did not disappoint (≧▽≦)
We went around 13:30 and immediately got a table, but I can imagine it gets busier during the lunch and dinner hours.
We ordered the spareribs with cheese (that we ate too fast and didn't take a photo of) and their recommended Raclette dish of Hasselback potatoes and sausages.
They told us any Raclette dish would take a bit longer as apparently they only had one wheel of cheese getting toasty, but when it does come, you are presented with an avalanche of melty-cheesy goodness scraped over the dish.
Watch the live action here:
IMG.JPG 155.21 KB

Overall, we weren't disappointed. 
Now, this dish is definitely not one that's good for the waistline, but life's too short to not eat good food! 
If you are ever in Shibuya and are looking for a cheesy snack, check them out:
渋谷バル CCC~Cheese Cheers Cafe~ Shibuya
〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区Udagawachō, 12, 宇田川町12-7 渋谷エメラルドビル401

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