Fukuro-Sabou Children are welcome to the best Owl Cafe in Tokyo

Fukuro-Sabou or as it's more commonly known as "The Owl cafe in Kokubunji" is an awesome place to check out with your little ones. 
I start with that, because people who don't have kids normally have more options, but I don't really see articles that are showing children friendly places to visit.
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To get there it's best to hop on a train, get off at Kokubunji station and walk for about 10 minutes till you see the Owl cafe. 
Be advised there is no parking.
The address is のばら荘, Japan, 〒185-0022 Tōkyō-to, Kokubunji-shi, Higashimotomachi, 3 Chome−15−1

It's really easy to spot, here's a picture of the place
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It's a small cafe, but I believe you expected that already, Japanese really know how to use space as you might have noticed :)
If you have a stroller you might be better off leavening it outside or you can may be fit a folded umbrella stroller inside somewhere by your table. They have a bathroom, but not a changing station.
You can not smoke inside, but there are a few chairs outside where you can have a quick cigarette if you really want to.
Inside they have 3 tables of 4 and 3 barstool seats, so you might need to wait at the front for a table. That is not too bad, because they usually have one or two of their birds chilling right in front of the cafe and you can enjoy watching them. I don't suggest getting too close without the staff, especially if it's your first experience with owls- you will have plenty of time to hold the birds later. 

Once you get inside you will get a menu with pictures (and English). You'll have to order a drink which will be about 600 yen per person for a juice or coffee. I know you are not going there to dine and wine, but the food they serve is quite good- a set of curry and a soft drink is just about 1,300 yen. You can also have a beer and grab some french fries or sake since you are not going to be driving :)
You eat before you touch the owls, it's a safety thing, just keep that in mind.
(Prices shown are from March 2017 and can change in future)
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Just one page of the menu
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While you are enjoying whatever you decided to order you'll have time to observe the owls, which they have in a glassed in areas. Sometimes there are people who own an owl as a pet and bring it to the shop to be around other birds, just like you would bring your dog to the park. So you might get to see one sitting at the next table. 

As I said earlier children are welcome- babies and all ages, 3-4 year olds and up are allowed to hold an owl if they are brave enough and respect the animal. They have a few really small birds that don't look that intimidating- rather really cute. While you are enjoying your food/drinks it's a good time to explain to your children how to behave around the owls and to see if they are scared or excited.
There's also albums with pictures of the birds that you can look at.
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Once you are ready you can have a look at the owls and pick the one you like to hold. Prices vary between 300-1,100yen per bird, depending on their size and if they were in Harry Potter- bringing him his mail (I'm kidding of course :) 
You will be given a leather glove to protect your arm and the staff will bring the owl to you. Be advised the birds are usually calm and nice, but they can loose balance and start flapping their big wings, or try to peck you if you get in their face. Again be very careful and respectful, that will help you and the owl to have a good experience. You can take pictures and videos, just make sure your flash is off. Staff will be always near by in case you need help.
I bet you already love this place and can't wait to visit, but there are a few other things that I wanted to mention, so you can really understand how awesome this place is.
Fukuro-Sabou is not just a tourist attraction but a very nice home for those birds, people who work there respect them and will put them to rest if they are looking tired. The owners understand how tiering it can be for the owls to "work' all day, so they swap them very frequently to insure they are happy and in mood to meet you. Those people raise owls for living and understand their needs very well.
They have a lot of birds as they also sell them as pets, which allows for the birds to take a break and be replaced by other ones.
In other owl cafes you can often see sad looking owls, because they get touched and annoyed by people without a break and this is very sad.
Another thing I like to mention is that young children under 8 might not be allowed in other owl cafes, but the one in Kokubinji welcomes all ages. So if you are planing to visit another cafe make sure your kids are welcome first.
Here's the address of the Fukuro-Sabou again: のばら荘, Japan, 〒185-0022 Tōkyō-to, Kokubunji-shi, Higashimotomachi, 3 Chome−15−1

Open: Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 11:00-17:00
            Saturday and Sunday from 11:00-18:00
Website: http://www.hukurousabou.sakura.ne.jp (It's in Japanese so make sure to open with Google Chrome)
This article was written with the kind help of Masanori Hijikata

Kalina Bozhkova