The coolest phone booth in existence?

One thing I noticed when I first moved to Japan was that you can still find phone booths when you're out and about quite easily. Back home in Australia, phone booths are very much a "phased-out" thing - you can still find the odd one or two here or there, but for the most part they've been removed. I assume they just aren't used as much anymore with just about everyone having a cell phone, so the cost for maintenance and so forth would likely have been too high to keep them operational.
Now, not only do phone booths seem quite plentiful (and actually utilized!) here in Japan, but I saw the coolest phone booth of my entire life when passing through Aichi prefecture. My family and I were on a road trip, and decided to make a pit stop at Okazaki Castle. The castle itself was very beautiful and fascinating from a historical standpoint, don't get me wrong (it sounds like I am downplaying the castle, I know!) but when I saw this phone booth I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaa?!"
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Isn't it neat?! A castle inspired phone booth. I think the part I loved about it most was that it was probably made to fit in with the aesthetic of the surroundings, rather than looking odd and out of place. The perfect mix of tradition and modernity, if you will!
Oh, and here's a picture of the castle too, just so it didn't feel left out ;)
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We headed there by car, and there was parking available on site - but if you're headed there by train, the easiest way to get there seems to be to head to Nagoya Station. From there, jump on the JR Tokaido Line to Okazaki, and then switch to the Aichi Kanjo Line to Nakaokazaki.
From the station, it's about a 10 minute walk to the castle grounds.
Coming up to April, the castle grounds are said to be a great spot for cherry blossom viewing, too! 

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