4 Must Try Harajuku Foods

4. Giant Candy Floss (..Or Cotton Candy if you call it that)

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The first time I laid eyes on these giant candy floss mountains my sweet-tooth heart skipped a beat. This very instagrammable treat is sold at Totti Candy Factory on Takeshita dori and will set you back 900 yen. You can also get smaller portions for 600-650 yen, but then again where's the fun in that?
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Tip: If candy floss isn't really your thing, they also sell super adorable cake pops for 400 yen!

3. Cookie Time Café

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It can be difficult to track down delicious, chewy cookies in Japan sometimes but I can safely say that Cookie Time will satisfy any cookie addict's cravings. Cookie Time, a New Zealand cookie brand, has a café just across the street from Harajuku Station. The cookies are all freshly baked that day and they also make milkshakes in a bunch of flavours. Delicious cookies, a cute mascot, cheerful pop music, and friendly staff - what more could you ask for?
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Tip: Make sure to sign up to their mailing list with the iPad instore, you can win a variety of free things - I won a pair of earmuffs!

2. Kawaii Monster Café

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The Kawaii Monster Café is a colourful and crazy wonderland. The café has been a popular attraction since it opened in 2015 and the concept of the café is that it is inside the belly of a monster called Choppy, as you need to walk through his mouth to enter the café.. which is actually kind of a gross idea if you think about it? There are 4 areas that you can choose to be seated in, all with a unique but equally crazy aesthetic. Even the waitresses are in dressed in crazy but cute costumes. It is generally agreed that the food isn't super delicious and is probably overpriced, but most people agree that it is worth experiencing this café at least once!
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Tip: You will have to pay a seating charge of 500 yen and order at least one food item and one drink item.

1. Crêpes

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Of course the number one spot on this list has to go to Harajuku's most iconic street food, crêpes! Takeshita dori is littered with adorable crêpes stands, so you're spoiled for choice! Traditionally a French dessert, the crêpes on Takeshita dori are given a kawaii Harajuku twist. The difference from the crêpes you may be used to is that in Japan crêpes are jam packed with good stuff like fruit, cream, chocolate, ice cream and even whole slices of cheesecake and brownies! These delicious treats will set you back approximately 500 yen depending on the filling and these stands tend to have hundreds of different combinations of fillings to choose from. If you're after something more unusual many shops even offer more unusual savoury crêpes flavours, such as tuna and mayo!
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Tip: Most Japanese people don't eat and walk, so it's better to eat your crêpe by the stand.


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