Walk with me through the 100 yen store!

I consider myself a bit of a bargain hunter. I love the feeling of scoring something for a sweet price that fills a need or serves a purpose. Enter the 100 yen store. One of the first things I did when I came to Japan was headed to one of these stores, because I'd heard such amazing things about the fun, quirky and useful items they sell there.
Let's just say I wasn't disappointed. Still, after living here for four years (almost!), I'll go to the 100 yen store looking for one particular item, and end up coming out with far more than that. Take today for example. I went to the 100 yen store to get a plastic cutting board for the kitchen, and came out with a cute drying mat for dishes, some kids cups and plates (my daughter loves the cute characters and bright colors on them, and for 100 yen a pop you can't go wrong!), and some birthday decorations since it's my husband's birthday in a couple of days, and of course I had to get a banner and balloons to surprise him with when he gets home from work...
Naturally, you can see how this can be a bit of a problem! The best kind of problem of course since everything is still a bargain, but I do end up not really being able to stick to the one thing I had planned to visit for!
So who wants to see some of the other cute things I stumbled across today?
IMG_7761.JPG 305.06 KB

I really wanted that bear shaped mold to make an itty bitty bear shaped cake...but then I stopped myself!
IMG_7762.JPG 349.22 KB

All the cute bento box supplies! I feel like Japanese parents must make their kids the cutest, most decorative school lunches with all these cool bits and pieces!
IMG_7765.JPG 397.15 KB

Cleaning made happy!!
IMG_7767.JPG 405.74 KB

So many adorable notepads and magnets - it makes me want to be extra productive just so I can have an excuse to buy more things to write on! To-do lists, anyone?!
IMG_7770.JPG 371.23 KB

I didn't buy this particular letter set and I really am regretting it now! Little salmon letter sets with paper and envelopes...wouldn't it be lovely hearing from a friend with cute paper like that in your mailbox?!
IMG_7771.JPG 402.28 KB

Cute kitchen supplies - toast pressers, adorable measuring spoons - I just love all the bright colors!
IMG_7772.JPG 269.09 KB

Ceramic bowls that upside down look like Mt. Fuji? Perfect souvenirs and they're only 100 yen!
This particular 100 yen store is called "Can-Do", but others include Daiso and Seria. If you're vacationing in Japan and need to pick up some inexpensive souvenirs, these places are a wonderful spot to hit up first, and you'll probably save yourself some yen in the process!

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