Hakodate Morning Market - eats for the early risers!

When in Hakodate, one of the must do things that everyone seems to talk about is heading up the ropeway for the view of the city at night. But what about the early risers?!
The Hakodate Morning Market has you covered! When we went to Hakodate, my husband was really eager to check out the morning market for one thing in particular - a giant seafood ramen bowl that he had seen on a program on Japanese TV. Combining ramen with a ton of fresh seafood sounded like his idea of paradise, and it became an early morning quest to find the establishment that sold these bowls - since all we remembered from the program was the way the seafood bowl looked!
When we finally found the place and ordered their infamous dish, the ramen chef literally crossed the street from his store to the crab wholesaler, to get the fresh crab for the dish. You can't get fresher than that! As well as the crab, the bowl was filled to the brim with scallops, squid, and shrimp with traditional ramen noodles and broth! My husband was pretty thrilled with this, since he's both a seafood lover and a ramen lover - his first thought was WOW, and his second thought was "how on Earth am I going to eat this?!" as he was equipped with only chopsticks! He managed though, and had a full belly and a happy heart at the end of it!
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If you're in Hakodate and want to try the same kind of seafood ramen bowl, the shop front looks like this - we deliberately took a picture in case anyone else was in the same predicament as us and needed to try and find it!
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One other thing we saw at the morning market that some people might enjoy, is that people were fishing for their own squid and eating it sashimi style! If the tale of the seafood ramen with freshly cooked crab wasn't "fresh" enough for you, then I don't think you could possibly beat catching your own squid and eating it raw! Not one that I was game to try, but there were certainly people doing it when we were there!
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If you're a seafood fan, or if you just love watching the hustle and bustle of morning markets in action, this is a fun place to check out!
Getting there is easy, it's right by Hakodate train Station! Just follow the signs!
〒040-0063 Hokkaido Prefecture, Hakodate, 若松町9−19

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