3 Large Anime Conventions in Japan

Animes and mangas represent a pretty great part of the Japanese culture, so everyone reading this should know what these things are. If you don't, I'll explain it quickly: Animes (アニメ) are Japanese hand-drawn or animated computer animations, while mangas (漫画) are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language.

As time passed and mangas and animes started growing more and more, cosplaying (コスプレ), costume playing an anime or manga character, has become a thing all over the world. While some cosplayed just for their friends or theirselves, anime conventions were created to assemble a large amount of people interested in animes or mangas, mostly both. On these events or gatherings the focus is on the animes, mangas and the Japanese culture.
I collected a few anime cons (short for "convention") that have a high attendance rate and take place in Japan. - If you are in Japan while there is a con going on, you should really check it out because you can have so much fun there!

1. Comiket (コミケット)

Comiket, also known as the Comic Market, is the world's largest doujinshi fair taking place twice a year in Tokyo, Japan.
The first Comiket took place in 1975 with only 600 attendees, but it started growing from then on and now there are over half a million people going there every Comiket.
Also, there is no fee, so you don't have to pay anything to enter the event, which is a really cool thing in my opinion.
Next Comiket: August 11-13, 2017 (held twice per year)

2. AnimeJapan

AnimeJapan is a Japanese consumer show that started in March 2014 taking place at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo.
Although it's a convention, it also offers presentations to showcase new animation products and special effect based products or services associated with this field.
It's not that large as the Comiket, but still had an attendance rate of over 130,000 people in 2016.
Next AnimeJapan: March 23-26, 2017 (held once per year)
Source: https://www.anime-japan.jp/

3. Jump Festa (ジャンプフェスタ)

Jump Festa is an annual exposition in Japan that is mainly sponsored by Shueisha, the creators of the various Jump anthologies. If you don't know them, make sure to check them out - they produce great shounen manga!
This event started in 1999 under the name Jump Festa 2000, while it grew just like other conventions to become a really big con with an attendance rate of over 140,000 people.
Nowadays this event is used to showcase new animes, mangas  from the Jump properties, but also to present new games, game trailers, gameplay footage or game demos from Bandai Namco, Capcom and Square Enix, which you might have heard of.
Next Jump Festa: December 17-18, 2017 (held once per year)
Source: http://www.loadthegame.com/

These are three large anime and manga conventions happening in Japan - I hope you can find some interest in this topic and if you can, I'll be really happy to know about it.
In the following I'll post further information to the three conventions, if you want to know more about these.
Thank you for reading!
Comiket Official Website: http://www.comiket.co.jp/ (available in English)
AnimeJapan Official Website: https://www.anime-japan.jp/ (available in English)
JumpFesta Official Website: http://www.jumpfesta.com/ (only in Japanese)

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