Yokohama Trick Art Cruise

Did you hear of the Trick Art Museum before? In this museum you find 2D artworks which looks like 3D – and the best: you are allowed to take photos!! There are several of these museums in Japan. One more opened in September 2016 in Yokohama. 
Because Yokohama is a port city, the Trick Art Museum is specialized on this topic and so it is even named Yokohama Trick Art Cruise!
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Right at the beginning a optical illusion with ships will be introducted to you by a staff member. You will find some more of these optical illusions inside the museum which might surprise you. What will happen to the coral picture if you first watch a rounding spiral disk for a few seconds? Or what will come up when you switch off the lamp standing on the table? Can you get the gold out of the tresure chest? Visual misteries are waiting for you!
However, highlight of the museum are the different 2D artworks. At the Yokohama Trick Art Cruise you find four different areas:

  • Departure Zone
  • A Voyage of Exploration Zone
  • Strange Ship Zone
  • Treasure Hunt Zone
In the first area you can take a seat on an imaginary sofa together with seals or hang down on an anchor with dolphins beyond. The second area brings you into the jungle. Be followed by a dinosaur or get your head grilled by monkeys. Inside a canoe you can fall down a cliff or sit as part of a totem pole. At the Strange Ship Zone you can play with body size in a separate small room looking like inner of a ship. Also a mermaid will be there for you. At the last area, you can try to steal the treasure of a skeleton pirate or go on a diving trip with seals.
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For sure, it is recommend to visit the Trick Art Museum at least as a pair, so one always can take the photos. However, if there are not so many people, also staff members will help you. They even explain you about best positions of taking photos inside the museum. Furthermore the explanations next to the artworks are available in Japanese, English and Chinese.
We went there on a Saturday afternoon and I was surprised not so many people were there. We had a lot of time to take pictures calmly and retake them for several times. Seem like not so many people know about the Yokohama Trick Art Cruise so far.
If you want to go there, you will definitely have a lot of fun. The admission fee is ¥ 700 for adults and ¥ 500 for children up to middle-school-age. Children under 3 years can enter for free. The Trick Art Museum in Yokohama is opened every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with last entry 30 minutes before closing. Also the location is chosen very good: inside the Yokohama Landmark Plaza on the 4th floor – just next to the the Pokemon Center, JUMP Shop und Ghibli Store.
Find out more on the official website.


Claudia Mitsubori