Tower Power - getting to the top of Tokyo Tower on foot!

 Tokyo Tower is definitely one of the iconic sights of the Tokyo skyline. It has been around since 1958, and whilst it's not as new or as tall as the other tower gracing Tokyo's cityscape - Tokyo Skytree - I feel like it has a charm all of its own. Dare I say it, I would say that I am Team Tokyo Tower rather than Team Skytree!

 Tokyo Tower is still a big drawcard for tourists, who can get a great view of the city from the observation deck. There's also often fun special events held there, such as tributes to anime series and the like. Getting to the observation deck is usually done by elevator, as you would probably expect - but occasionally they offer the option to actually climb the tower via the stairwells, rather than taking the quick way up! When we found out this was offered, my husband and I took the challenge and got well acquainted with those stairs and the quad muscle burn that followed afterwards!
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Some views along the way! Loved getting to see the city in this manner!

The Tokyo Tower website can be found here and contains information about whether the stairs option is open on a particular day when you're visiting - and also if there are any closures to be aware of, such as certain observation decks. Admission costs can be found here:

Normally, the option to climb the stairs is available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There may be exceptions to this, though, so it's always best to double check if you have your heart set on doing it.

If you don't mind stairs or heights and want a bit of a different experience of seeing Tokyo, I thought climbing the tower was a great way of achieving that - and you end up getting a free workout as well!

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