Japan Culture // ホワイトデー [ White Day ]

This post is a little late, but Happy White Day!
So what is White Day?? Well today I'll be explaining that very question! In Japan, White Day is consider the Valentines Day that we traditionally understand today where men pamper and shower women with gifts, flowers and chocolates. Although times have changed and now, so expressing love can be from either party. 
Picture from JapanLover.me
Back in the 1950's there was some mess up in translations in Japan regarding about Valentines Day as they started to adopt Westernisation. Because of this, Valentines Day became a day for women to express their love to men, which is why even to this day in Japan it is mostly women giving chocolate to men. However, White Day was first introduced and celebrated in Japan in 1978 by the National Confection Industry who came up with an idea so that men could return the favour to women who presented them gifts on Valentines Day. This has also taken place in a few other Asian countries too!

Picture from JapanLover.me
White Day, falls exactly one month after Valentines Day (14th March), and confectionery companies in Japan started producing white chocolate for this occasion. This day was originally called Marshmallow Day where it was all about marshmallow but people weren't too keen on the marshmallows, so white chocolate was sold instead. Also, I've read that the return gift should be three times the cost the Valentine's gift but I guess it depends what type of Valentine's chocolate you receive and whom it is from.

Although this event is not really celebrated here in Australia, I sometimes would like to buy small gifts for my loved ones! I personally am not a huge fan of white chocolate, as I do find it a bit too sweet but I absolutely love my dark chocolate,( which is also another common White Day gift)
Do you guys celebrate White Day? If so comment in this blog post what you did, your gifts (DIY/bought), etc. I would love to know! 
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Sherina Yeung