Seasonal Pocky Review - Sakura Pocky!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm rather obsessed with seasonal products. I guess you could label it as having "fear of missing out" (FOMO) but any time a limited edition snack food comes onto the shelves at my local convenience store or supermarket here, it's like a compulsion that I have to have it.
Okay, okay, realistically I'm sure I could restrain myself. But most of the time curiosity gets the better of me, and I want to know that the seasonal product is like!
Most recently this happened with the beautiful boxes of Sakura Pocky that I saw on the shelves at my nearest 7-11 store.
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This pocky is called the Trinity Sakura Flavor - and in each box you get four individually wrapped packets of pocky. The price at 7-11 was 338 yen, which isn't bad considering it is a larger box size and more packets than your usual pocky box.
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The back of the packet here says there are three key elements that make up this special limited edition pocky - which is where the trinity portion of the name comes from, it seems!
The three elements are described as follows:

1. Pie textured pretzel using fermented butter

2. Elegant cherry blossom flavored chocolate

3. Granulated sugar
I just love how elegant and refined the boxes look - super classy for convenience store chocolate snacks! All the little details, too - like the golden embossed blossom print!
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IMG_7898.JPG 1.38 MB

You can see in this close up the granulated sugar pieces on the pocky itself. It made for an interesting texture, I don't know that they were necessary overall, but it did add a bit of uniqueness to the look and taste of the pocky itself. The actual chocolate that was sakura flavored was really good - I would buy them again just for that side of things!
Overall I would give these pocky a score of 4 sakura blossoms out of 5!

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