Sheet Masks - the cutest way to beautify!

Japanese beauty products are very well regarded globally as being top of the range. Whether it's skin care or cosmetics, there are so many great brands here - and even lots of cheaper end stuff works like a charm.

One particular beauty product that I've really fallen in love with here in Japan are sheet masks. They're a quick, easy way to give your skin a bit of a boost - and certain brands (like Lululun for instance, which is a pretty well known one here!) have different formulas to benefit different skin types. For instance, some of their masks target ageing skin, while others target skin that needs extra moisture or brightening.
I've got to say though, my favorite sheet masks are probably the quirky ones that have things like puppies, cats, or random characters such as Hello Kitty or Funassyi printed on them.
IMG_7539.JPG 713.95 KB

One particular brand here that has a bunch of adorable and fun sheet masks is called PureSmile. Check out their website - it is in Japanese, but you can see from the pictures the fun varieties they have. If you're not living in Japan, they do actually sell some of these masks on (just search for Pure Smile and some should come up!) and they are on Amazon Japan too if you're living locally! The picture I took above was at a Don Quixote store - if you're nearby to one (they're in a lot of tourist spots like Roppongi, Shibuya and the like!) they should definitely keep them in stock.
They make a great souvenir for family and friends too - they're easy to take back home (lightweight souvenirs are always nice, hello luggage limits!) or even mail back to people if you're living in Japan right now! They're also a great laugh if you're having a night in with friends - everyone gets a different mask and boy, does it make for a fun photo opportunity!
Have you tried sheet masks before? Are there any particular ones you'd choose to buy (either from the ones you can see in the picture I took, or off the PureSmile site I linked!) if you could pick them?

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