Bar Black Sheep - Enjoy a sip with a resident Shiba!

I love finding the off beat, different places in Japan - things that you probably just wouldn't find elsewhere in the world. I also love an umeshu, or two. Aside from Golden Gai,  which impressed me with its 'step back in time' alleyway charms, I am a huge fan of Bar Black Sheep, in Shibuya. I can't quite recall how I found out about the bar, but I'm guessing it was probably in a newspaper article, or on a Japanese morning TV program. As soon as I knew there was a bar that had a Shiba Inu hanging out in it, I had to go!
My husband and sister in law went along with me too, and my sister in law, being the huge animal lover that she is, brought in some doggy treats as a gift for Hana-chan, the Shiba. The owner, Yota, spoke fluent English, and  truly seemed to adore Hana-chan! Hana-chan is also one of the most well behaved and calm dogs I've come across - she sat quietly and happily when we were there. I guess you have to be calm when you are coming across new people all the time!
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The street address for Bar Black Sheep is 2 Chome Dogenzaka, 渋谷区 Tokyo 150-0043, which you should just be able to copy into Google Maps if you have a smartphone and wifi access when you're travelling! Without those directions it can be a little tricky to find, as it is on the back streets of Shibuya. It is a small bar, and doesn't take reservations, but we didn't have any trouble just walking in.
We enjoyed our trip there, and felt like it was a very fun and welcoming bar with a great atmosphere - if you're in the area I definitely recommend checking it out if you have the time!
Also, the bar does have a Facebook page - and the picture credit from the photos in this article goes to there, as sadly I didn't have any pictures I took from the night we went! 

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