Finding Accommodations in Tokyo

Finding a place to stay in Tokyo, for a reasonable price, can be incredibly difficult. Hotels on average cost anywhere between $75-$300 per night for 2 people. If you're travelling with any more than 2 people finding a hotel which offers enough space to fit comfortable is nearly impossible. This is why I recommend Air BnBs instead.
There are many Air BnBs out there; Travel Mob, Home Away, AirBnB, are some for starters. Now the reason I recommend Air BnBs so highly is for a few reasons:
  1. Saving on Food Money; 99% of all Air BnB's give you access to a kitchen. This means that you can make breakfast/lunch/dinner instead of having to eat out.
  2. Free Laundry; Many Air BnB's come with at least a washing machine and have either a dryer or a place to hang your clothes. 
  3. Meeting New People; All Air BnB's come with the added benefit of getting to meet local Japanese people. In some types of Air BnB's this is more prominent than others. 
  4. Cheaper for Short Term Travellers; Depending on what type of room you are looking for, short term residence can pay as little as $30 a night while having full access to the benefits I mentioned above.
  5. Cheaper for Long Term Travellers; Many times Air BnB rentals can be up to 70% cheaper if you are renting the same place for a longer period of time (2 weeks+). Also many times deals can be negotiated to include free "pocket wifi" and other helpful items. An average price for two travellers staying for 3 weeks would be about $50 per night in a private apartment. 

Now there are 3 different main types of Air BnB rental properties. These include:
  1. Hostels; Hostels are shared rooms. They often have between 2 and 8 bunk beds per room. These room come in three different types; Male-Only, Female-Only, and Mixed. All of the residence share a kitchen, and 1-3 bathrooms depending on the size of the hostel. Hostels are a great way to make meet new people and get immersed in a community.
    Hostel Bedroom
    Hostel Common Room
  2. Private Room; Private Rooms are apart of Hostels as well only, as the name suggests, you get your own room. These rooms can range to fit 1-4 people generally and with this you can have privacy without missing out on the intimacy of getting live with other people who share your interests. These rooms can be western style or Japanese style.
    Japanese Style Private Room (Fitting 2 People)
  3. Entire House; When Air BnB website say "entire house" this can range from an entire house to just an apartment. While this is the less social option of using an Air BnB, it's a great option for long term stayers. Normally the apartments are very small, although come with all the necessities anyone would need. The apartments can be Western style, Japanese style, or even themed with video game/anime characters.
    Non-Themed Western Style Apartment
    Super Mario Themed Apartment
Now trying to find the "perfect" Air BnB location for yourself can be both time consuming and rewarding. If you want to make sure you get the best deal it can take hours of searching and comparing one site to another. Despite all of the searching and time spent, the money saved and the people you meet will make it all worth it. 
If you have any questions please comment below and I'd be happy to help whether it's for help finding an accommodation or questions about accommodations! :)

Scarlett Sahota