Mount Fuji: Chureito Pagoda (Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Chureito Pagoda and Mount Fuji

Not far from Tokyo there is a beautiful pagoda in a small city called Fujiyoshida where you can get a beautiful view of Mount Fuiji.
I discovered this pagoda by looking around with google maps. I was looking for places near Mount Fuji, and this beautiful pagoda caught my attention  because of the photographs surrounded by cherry blossoms.
Other place that caught my eye was lake Kawaguchi, and my original plan was to go to both places within the day. Unfortunately for me, the weather condition wasn't the best, and it got cloudy pretty quickly.
In the end, I went only to the pagoda, and hopefully there will be a next time for lake Kawaguchi
If you are lucky enough to have a clear sky, you'll get the perfect view of Mount Fuji. And even better if you go in cherry blossom season because it is perfect for hanami. A lovely Japanese scenery, fill with trees, sakura petals, and daffodils
How to get there?
1st, by train: Arrive to Shimo Yoshida station . This is a long and slow journey and I can't remembered exactly how much it took me, but it was at least an hour
2nd, walk: When you arrive at the station, you will find a sign that perfectly explains how to get to the pagoda, and along the way, there are signs with arrows to guide you (very tourists friendly)
The final step will be to go up the stairs and reach the shrine and pagoda. For people in wheelchairs, there is a path for cars, so everyone can reach the top. Both paths are surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees 
At the top, you can enjoy the view and explore every corner. There is a spot behind the pagoda perfect for photographs.
In the way down, instead of going through the same stairs, I recommend you to take a zig-zag path by the side of the pagoda. This path is filled with cherry blossoms and you can get a view of this lovely small city, with Mount Fuji at the back.
Final recommendations:
- Check the weather before going
- Try to go for the cherry blossom season (early April). If not, I believe every season must be good
- Get your camera ready and enjoy the view!
google maps link:
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The zig-zag path with many cherry blossoms behind
View from behind the pagoda
View of Fujiyoshida and Mount Fuji
stairs to the pagoda

Frances Madain