Tokyo's Best View | 4 Spots Reviewed

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Going to Japan soon ? As any tourist, the first step outside the airport will bring you to another world. Walking in the streets surrounded by these huge buildings almost reaching the clouds will make you feel so tiny. But what about going inside those giant buildings and see Tokyo in a different and unique way ? You won't regret.

Tokyo Tower
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Dressed in red and white, the Tokyo tower is the symbol of the rebirth of Japan since 1958. Strangely similar to the Eiffel Tower by its look, it is however surpassing the French one by 13 meters! From its imposing 333 meters, it stands as one of the tallest metal towers in the world.
At the base of the tower are accessible various restaurants, the popular official park One Piece attracts many tourists since the beginning of 2015. However the Tokyo tower's main attraction will be the baseball ball meticulously exposed under glass. It was found in its antenna in August 2012 shortly after the inauguration of its young competitor: the Sky Tree. It is estimated that it would be there since the construction of the famous tower, more than 50 years ago! Funny coincidence, is not it?
To put it simply, there are two observatories. One at 145 meters with a glazed floor that will give you vertigo. The other observatory is at 250 meters , and it is possible to see Mount Fuji on a clear day.


Entrance Ticket: 900¥
Special Observatory: 1.600¥
9:00 - 23:00
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Sky tree
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Inaugurated on 22 May 2012 in the neighborhood of Sumida in the vicinity of Asakusa. With its impressive 634 meters it is one of the highest in the world. Few people know this, but these 634 meters are not the result of chance. In Japanese this can be pronounced "Musashi", which is the old name of the Sumida district (one can observe the river Sumida at his side).
In addition to its incredible height, the Sky Tree attracts crowds as to its magnificent architecture that will leave you speechless.
Its two observatories as well as the shopping center at its base are among the main attractions of this Tokyo.
However you will have to arm yourself with patience because there will be at least several hours of queuing before you can glance at anything. It is strongly advised to arrive a little before the opening hour so you may not waste time in the waiting line.
Once your tickets with you, the first thing that will surprise you the most will be the speed of the elevator which climbs to 600 meters of altitude per minute!
There are two observatories here, the "Tembo Deck" which stands 350 meters from the ground. It is spread over 3 floors where you will be able to enjoy your time in the tower (restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops etc.). This will sound strange but I loved my short stay at the restroom which with its huge windows gives you the best view of Tokyo.
For at least 1000 ¥ more you will be able to reach the second observatory, the "Tembo Galleria" which is at 450 meters of altitude.
Entrance Ticket: 2.060¥
Tembo Galleria: 1030¥ in addition
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Mori Tower
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Since April 2003, the Mori Tower is located among the eleven hectares of shops, restaurants, apartments, offices but also cinemas, museums and parks of which is Roppongi Hills. If you're arachnophobe, you will have to be brave and pass near the creation of the French artist Louise Bourgeois. A bronze sculpture depicting a magnificent giant spider at Roku Roku Plaza and strangely named "Maman" (Mum). If you stand above , you will notice that the abdomen of this spider contains eggs. Don't run away!
Many companies like Konami or even Google have chosen to set up their offices here. There is no doubt, this tower is really cool!
Inside its 52 floors, the tower is composed of restaurants on its first 6 ones, offices on the other ones but the Mori Art Museum and the Observatory deck occupy the last 6 floors. Go directly on the 52nd floor direction "Tokyo City View" which offers a magnificent 360 ° view thanks to his excellent location.
The highlight of this observatory deck is, in case of good weather of course, its "Sky Deck" lying on the roof of the building. You can finally enjoy the view without a thick big glass in between you and Tokyo! You will even get a premium view of the Tokyo Tower.
Observatory Deck : 1.500¥
SkyDeck : 500¥ in addition
11:00-20:00 (Sky Deck)
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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
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Located in Shinjuku, this 243 meters tall building is composed of 2 towers and each of them offer an oustanding view from their 202 meters. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building provide free observation decks with good panoramic views on Tokyo.

 With favorable weather conditions, famous Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Dome and Meiji Shrine can be seen. Also in both observatory decks , cafés and restaurants are available.
The North Observatory remains open later at night so you can catch the night views of the capital.
North Deck: 9:30 to 23:00
South Deck: 9:30 to 17:30 (until 23:00 when the North Deck is closed)
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These 4 buildings are definitely worth the try. Enjoy your journey in splendid Tokyo.

Lily Sergent